So is anyone besides me overjoyed about Spongebob being audio described on prime video? And what about disney plus adding bear and the big blue house and PB and J otter? Finally? it’s the small things in life

@celtichawk not yet but I’m scared that if they did, it’d be the newer blues clues and I don’t like the newer blues clues at all

Eeeek, then no, that can get out and stay out.

I'm only interested in the lassic stuff we grew up with. I'm already here for Scoob-vember, thanks. Where's my Scooby marathons at?


@celtichawk man, i liked scooby alright, but i was more in to little bill, maggie and the ferocious beast, hmm, stanley, oswold, maisy mouse, cat dog, every once in a while… hmm… my brain’s waking up but yeah,

@Camillianna I had no idea about this, my sister will undoubtedly make me watch it now. Ah well, gives me an excuse! Lol.

@fireborn the show is great if you’re silly and love silly things.

@Camillianna I never knew how funny Spongebob was before listening to it described. Like, he has a diving board above his bed. I'd *love* to dive into bed. Although, with my size I'd probably break it lol

@Camillianna Yeah. :) Now one thing I don't want is his alarm. That loud fog horn? That's Spongebob's alarm. If I had that, I'd be out of bed and half crazy too lol.

@devinprater lol right, that thing is way to loud for no reason. lol.

@Camillianna that’s pretty cool! I didn’t know that they describe stuff on there. How awesome!

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