@cublanco @mektastic Yep. also, in that second year, they replaced one of the songs with a new one. The thinking was that people wouldn't watch something they saw a year ago unless they added new stuff.

@mektastic Exactly! Santa is the worst in that Rudolph Christmas special.

Earlier tonight I saw several people on here mention the Rudolph Christmas special. I assume it must have been on TV. Anyway, it got me thinking about the episode of Geekology that @dhsholly, Eric Troup and I did about Rudolph back in 2014. Geekology was a pop culture Podcast that Holly and I attempted to get started back then. I went back and listened to the episode, and I think it still holds up. There are some weird things in the Rudolph special when watching it as an adult.

@cj Strange New World's is great. In my opinion, it's the best of the recent Trek shows.

@Lynessence Yep, that's what's happened in this case, it's been defederated from the instance I'm on.

@dragonstorm86 Are you asking about my post about federating? This is the term they use that describes how the different Mastodon servers connect with each other.

Is there a way to tell if two Mastodon instances are not federating with each other? I ask because in my last post, (the new Maccessibility episode announcement), one of the people's Mastodon names did not show up as a link. If I search for her, nothing comes back. What's more, if I just search for the server she's on, journa.host also nothing comes back.

New! The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, episode 248, You Know How It Is in Canada. Featuring: @ShellyBrisbin@journa.host, @DHSDarcy, @dhsholly, @SteveSawczyn, and Robin Christopherson (who I don't believe is on Mastodon yet).
In this episode we discuss: Mastodon, the Roomba, VOCR, and more.

Things we didn't do:
- Start the fire
- Shoot the deputy
- Steal the cookies from the cookie jar

Things we did:
- Tried to fight it
- Shot the sheriff
- Put the sham in the shama-lama-ding-dong

Things we will do:
- Survive
- Rock you
- Walk 500 miles
- Walk 500 more

Things we won't do:
- Get fooled again
- Back down
- That

Things we will never do:
- Give you up
- Let you down
- Run around
- Desert you

- I did it again)

“Actually, Frankincense was the name of the doctor who created it. You're thinking of Frankincense's monster.” - The 3 Wise Mansplainers

Faced with the world’s most advanced chat AI, all I can think of are ridiculous things. No regrets!

Wordle score 

533 3/6

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⬜⬜🟩🟩🟩 (3 perfect)
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 (Wordle done on Line 3)

Me: Write a story about an Oral-B and a Sonicare fighting for the opportunity to be the primary electric toothbrush in someone's bathroom. Describe what each toothbrush thought its strengths, along with the other's weaknesses. Finish with a detailed account of what happened to the loser.

: Once upon a time, in a small bathroom, two electric toothbrushes were locked in a fierce battle for the right to be the primary toothbrush. The Oral-B, a sleek and modern looking brush, boasted about its many different modes and settings, which it claimed made it the perfect toothbrush for anyone.

"I have a deep clean mode, a sensitive mode, and even a massage mode," the Oral-B boasted. "I can customize my brush strokes to fit anyone's needs."

The Sonicare, on the other hand, was a more traditional looking toothbrush with a simple design. It didn't have as many fancy modes and settings, but it claimed to have superior cleaning power.

"I may not have all the bells and whistles that the Oral-B has," the Sonicare said, "but my sonic technology ensures that I can clean even the toughest of plaque and tartar from teeth."

The two toothbrushes continued to argue back and forth, each claiming to be the better option. Finally, the person who owned the bathroom stepped in to make a decision.

After carefully considering both toothbrushes, the owner decided to go with the Sonicare. The Oral-B was devastated by the loss, and it retired to a drawer in the bathroom, never to be used again.

The Sonicare, on the other hand, was overjoyed by its victory and became the primary toothbrush in the bathroom. It worked tirelessly day and night to keep the owner's teeth clean and healthy.

And thus, the Sonicare proved that sometimes, simple and effective is better than flashy and complex. The end.

@Mendi_Tech Regular baseball puts me to sleep as well, which is why I was excited to try Sleep Baseball.

This thing can actually take tons of unrelated things and make them make sense!
Me: Write a story about four grumpy men named Hugiene, Fasljoijoiqn, Vlivmoiroirw, and Voamfweemfwoomfj, a hairdresser, an assembly line, a Christmas dinner, and a turbine.

: Once upon a time, four grumpy men named Hugiene, Fasljoijoiqn, Vlivmoiroirw, and Voamfweemfwoomfj all lived in a small town. They were all grumpy for different reasons, but one thing they had in common was their dissatisfaction with life.

One day, the four grumpy men decided to visit the local hairdresser to get a fresh haircut and hopefully improve their mood. However, the hairdresser was having a bad day as well and ended up giving the men terrible haircuts. This only made the men grumpier.

As they were leaving the hairdresser's shop, they stumbled upon an assembly line at a nearby factory. The monotonous sound of the machines only added to their frustration.

Feeling even worse than before, the men decided to go to a nearby restaurant for a Christmas dinner. However, the food was cold and the service was terrible. The four grumpy men left the restaurant feeling hungrier and grumpier than ever.

Just as they were about to give up on their day, they heard a strange noise coming from a nearby park. They went to investigate and found a turbine that had been installed as part of a new renewable energy project. The mesmerizing movement of the turbine blades and the hum of the engine seemed to have a calming effect on the men.

For the first time that day, the four grumpy men felt a sense of peace. They sat and watched the turbine for a while, enjoying the moment. As they left the park, they were no longer grumpy, but instead had a newfound appreciation for the simple things in life.

@pianomarian ChatGPT is a chat bot which can generate very human like responses, and very strange stories and song lyrics. You can play with it here, though you do have to create an account. chat.openai.com/chat

A few days ago, I learned about Sleep Baseball. As someone who likes to have something playing when going to sleep, this is great. It's a podcast, but you can also find it on the web or on youtube. Each episode is a fake Baseball game done in the style of an AM radio broadcast. Complete with an extremely low key announcer, and very local sounding commercials. I've put it on the last two nights when going to bed, and have barely made it through the second inning. sleepbaseball.com

OpenAI results 

@TheQuinbox I wonder if it knows that shine and machine don't rhyme.

Here's what I got when I asked ChatGPT to tell me a Christmas story in the style of Stephen King.

It was Christmas Eve and the snow was falling gently outside, creating a winter wonderland. But inside the old, decrepit house on the edge of town, a darkness was brewing.

The wind howled outside, shaking the windows and making the old floorboards creak. The only light in the house came from the dim glow of the fireplace, casting eerie shadows on the walls.

In the corner of the room, a small Christmas tree stood, its lights twinkling weakly. Beneath it sat a pile of presents, wrapped in garish paper and tied with ribbons. But there was something off about the presents, something that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

You could hear footsteps upstairs, heavy and lumbering. It sounded like someone, or something, was moving around in the attic. You tried to tell yourself it was just the wind, but deep down you knew better.

Suddenly, the door to the attic burst open and a hulking figure emerged. It was a giant, humanoid creature with glowing red eyes and razor-sharp teeth. In its hand was a large, blood-stained knife.

You screamed and backed away, but it was too late. The creature lunged at you, its eyes filled with hunger and malice. You closed your eyes and braced for impact, but it never came.

When you opened your eyes again, you saw that the creature was gone and the house was quiet once more. You were safe, but you knew that you would never forget the terror you had experienced on that dark, cold Christmas Eve.

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532 3/6

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🟨🟩⬜🟩🟨 (2 partial, 2 perfect)
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 (Wordle done on Line 3)

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