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oven cleaning 

This oven has not had an easy life. It’s seen a lot, if you know what I’m saying

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ach, holen wir doch mal ein birdsite-spiel hier rüber: du wurdest von einer hexe in ein tier verwandelt. welches ist das (letztes gespeichertes tierbild)

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long covid PSA 

Your doctor might tell you to exercise.

In which case, you might need a second opinion. I'm very serious. If you are not seeking dramatic lifestyle changes, "clinging to the raw edge of your id" kind of stuff, and you are experiencing profound fatigue, you need a second opinion.

(You know how they told us to drink wine to live a long time and then oh whoops actually it's more about having money to blow on wine and leisure time to enjoy it?)

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Gestern einen wunderbaren Buchladen in #münchen entdeckt: The Munich Readery für englische Second-Hand-Bücher.

Ein riesengroßes Angebot aus diversen Genres und so ungewohntes wie einen FFP2-Maske-tragenden Verkäufer (Kann man wirklich maskenlos einen Laden betreten, wo der Verkäufer Maske trägt?).

Wir kamen mit 5 Büchern für insgesamt 26 Euro wieder raus, darunter zwei, die schon länger auf meiner Suchliste standen.


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sex work 

Criminalization of sex work is founded on enforcement of gender and relationship norms in society.

It's not about "propriety" and the people who make the laws know it's bullshit.

It's about ensuring that if someone is going to use sex to have their needs met, it's going to be through being legally chained to someone else.

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With the cost of living exploding it's between asking people who have accounts on this instance for money or closing it down and moving somewhere else. :/

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Chrome is getting rid of all adblockers in January of 2023. (essentially browser extensions will no longer be allowed to execute code, fromwhat I understand.) we're all gonna have to switch to something that doesn't use Chromium (Firefox, the answer is Firefox)

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Kennt jemand coole Lernspiele auf #android? Zielalter 5-6
Buchstaben üben, Zahlen bis 20, so was. Gerne Boost.

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bandcamp easteregg 

Found an amusing #EasterEgg when entering purchase amounts in #bandcamp, various numbers will popup a relevant emoji alongside. 3.21 got me a rocket, 4.2x and a tree

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Research survey on neurodiversity - extra interested in BIPOC respondents, boosts welcome 

This is a quick survey that is set up to explore the prevalence of certain traits and mannerisms typically associated with neurodiversity.


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I would like to find more deafies on the Fediverse. Anybody know of any besides me?

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Something about the way this powerpoint message is written feels like I'm playing zork

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uni, "class", question 

Soo... I'm reading ahead before the semester begins and it's all about "class" right now. And I'm wondering if there really is only one word in English for all the different ideas and theories around Klasse, Schicht and Stand and probably five more words.

It's all just class in English?

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Energiekrise, zynisch 

Die Tage wurde das Content-Team gebeten, einen Artikel zusammenzuschustern zum Thema “So merken Sie, dass es in Ihrer Wohnung zu kalt ist“.

Ich saß dabei und dachte “Na ich weiß nicht ... wenn ich friere vielleicht?“

Das hat mich inspiriert, ein paar weniger offensichtliche Hinweise zusammenzutragen: Woran Ihr *wirklich* merkt, dass es in euerer Wohnung zu kalt is

- Der Kühlschrank muss heizen, um seine Innentemperatur zu halten

- Die Spinne in der Zimmerecke lässt sich aus Protest ein Winterfell wachsen

- Im Radio wird durchgesagt, dass an deinem Wäscheberg Schneekettenpflicht herrscht

- Nach dem Waschen wird die Wäsche hart statt trocken

- Beim nächtlichen Toilettengang rennen keine Silberfischchen vor dir weg, sondern Eisbärchen auf dich zu

- Dein Mitbewohner hat sich einen Zamboni besorgt, um die Fliesen im Flur zu wischen

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“Whenever I hear of someone cutting ties permanently, I ask myself how bad would things have to get for me to never want to speak to someone again, and I generally try to assume that whatever happened to them was at least that bad”

[Link CW: toxic family, illness, death]

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Heyo, fellow wheelchair users!

What are your tips, solutions, and setups for anchoring your wheelchair in your car's trunk when it's too spacey to not move around when you're driving ?

I have little to no support in my trunk, but I have some room where I plan to set up custom anchors specifically for the wheelchair (to more easily load/unload it), but I don't really know how to do it yet...

Boosts appreciated 🥺

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In conclusion:

Policies that are against Zionists and Israel supporters are antisemitic because they affect at least 90% of Jews, and they are ALSO anti-Palestinian because they trick people into thinking they are helping, while actually doing nothing.

If you want to help Palestinians, actually help Palestinians.

If you have issues with Israel, TALK to Jews -- our relationship with the state of Israel and its government is complicated and we can probably give you lots of new info.


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This is an important component- that BDS in Berkley isn't "Oh let's go to Israel and help Palestinians" it's "Let's oppress the Jews who go to school here, or keep them out of the university."

Anyway I'll stop too unless you keep it going. :)

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