Question for people in the medical field, please boost 

A while ago, I unsuccessfully tried to get my hands on some papers about CHH (cartilage-hair hypoplasia) by trying to directly contact several authors of these papers, but I never even got a reply from any of them.
(The freely accessible papers are already part of my CHH-folder, of course.)

Now, after reading a similar request elsewhere, I though I'll just try and naively ask around here (waving vaguely towards the instance) - does anybody have access to any papers regarding CHH and could send them to me?

The thing is, CHH is quite rare (about 1 in a million in most populations, except in the Finnish and the Amish), so there's little research and afaik no books about it, and it would be nice if affected people could at least get access to the existing research results somehow.


Thanks to everybody who answered or boosted my question for medical papers!
I think, now I have everything I needed. :)

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