Today’s card is The Chariot, fully equipped and ready for battle. She’s got leather armour to protect her, a bike to take her places, and she stands between sky and Earth with everything in balance. Time to get shit done.

@ghost_bird Modern Witch Tarot? Big fan of the deck and I love using tarot for self reflection. My birth card / soul card or whatever is the Chariot!

@tesni Cool! If I have a soul card, I think it’s the Nine of Wires from the Neon Moon Tarot - though I prefer the optimism of Modern Witch these days, post-transition:


@ghost_bird @tesni What's the definition of a "soul card" or "birth card" for you? I haven't heard that term before. How did you "find" yours?

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@KAOS @tesni For me, it’s the card that I feel the most affinity for and that represents me best. I’d not come across the term before, but I already had one in mind

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