officially has a new admin!
Have you been thinking of joining, but were worried the admins might bite? Well, you're completely right. But DM me anyway.
Have you sent a request, but never got a response? Maybe you will, this time.
Have you recently moved, but forgot to let us know? Well, I'm doing a cleanup of the lists, so if you do so now, you'll save me lots of time. 💙
Are you not sure what I'm talking about? Trunk is a huge collection of wonderful people around the Fedi, sorted into categories. You can learn more here:

No, but really.
If you've moved your account, please DM one of the Trunk admins.
If you've deleted it, likewise.
If you are no longer interested in the same topics you once were, that's OK! People change. Just tell us, please.
Because that way, we can all do our part to make sure Trunk is a nice and easy-to-use starting point for newcomers. After all, the less trouble they have finding active people to follow, the more likely they are to stick around.

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@Mayana congrats! Can send you a list of inactives or deleteds, if you like

@fireborn Like I've said, I've already collected quite a few. I think I've got this. But thank you! :)
Do you want to be added to anything, BTW?

@Mayana sure, I guess. let me give the categories another look and I'll let you know 😄

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