Reminder: When you do an accessibility toot, make sure to turn off notifications for boosts and favorites for a while.
It's amazing to know my posts are being shared, and please keep doing it, but boy are there a lot of notifications!
Especially when a meanie named @talon decides to boost and favorite everything he can in a row ... can you please boost a few of his posts too, as "punishment"? :P

@talon Aaaaa! I was gone for just two hours and there's now 31 new mentions. None of them seem to be from you, but still, this is your fault. It must be. Somehow. :P

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@Mayana yes. I paid good money for those mentions, too! All just to annoy you 😈

@talon Meanwhile my evil plan to get people to boost your posts didn't work at all, I take it? Perhaps I ought to pay them, too!

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