Could people please stop to pipe random news website feeds to unofficial bots?

That'd be great.

Social media is for people.

Subscribe to news at their sources, use a reader.

Cluttering the timeline with feed relays from foreign news outlets sucks. This IS spam.

And fck me how braindead are bots that post the freakin time to a medium that can only be read on a computer? You know, these fancy calculators that come with a built-in clock?


@bekopharm This! A thousand times this!
Or bloody hell, just either 1. post unlisted, 2. move your bot to so I can insta-block it or better yet 3. do both of those.
If you really like using the Fediverse as your own personal RSS reader, OK fine. But don't ruin the experience of others because of it.
No, telling us to just mute them if we don't like is not a reasonable response. I have been trying! And yet, every time I open the federated timeline, even on my current tiny instance, I find at least 5 more of these damn things. Yes, I have the big bot instances blocked. I am still at above 200 bots muted.
It's like throwing a plastic bag on the ground in the forest and saying "Well, if you don't like it, pick it up." I mean yeah, of course it's good if someone does; but if it's your bag, shouldn't that someone be you?

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