question about how to use Mastodon 

I want to make my experience of social media as unlike a firehose as possible. If somebody I care about says they're having a bad day & would like to hear a kind word, I don't want to miss it because the column got flooded by bots and retoots.

In Mastodon, is there a way to have a column that only shows toots from a *selection* of accounts you're following (like the "Lists" column), but which *also* lets you choose not to show retoots (which seems to only be an option in the "Home" column)?

So far, it doesn't look like Mastodon lets me do that. (At least, not on this instance.) If that's true, is there a front-end app that I can use to do that?


question about how to use Mastodon 

@frameacloud Not as far as I am aware. However, you can mute boosts on the accounts themselves. But obviously, that would apply to the home timeline as well, so probably wouldn't be what you want.

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