"WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using the app"
Nobody is surprised. And it won't change anybody's mind, either. But still ... just in case ... if you stop using WhatsApp, or convince your friends to stop using it, thank you.

@Mayana it is why I want everyone to use any open alternative

@Mayana Oh no! I suppose I always thought it was strange that Facebook offered a secure messaging service when they're so greedy about collecting data and invading privacy normally. It's will be really hard to persuade family to stop using it. :(

@griffinkate Yeah. Most likely, it was never actually secure, because come on. A lot of data tracking was already enabled. It's just that before you could opt out of some, and now you won't be able to.
It's hard, I know. Most people just don't care at all. But perhaps Signal might work? It isn't all that well liked in the true FOSS crowd because of requiring phone numbers and such, but for someone who doesn't want to figure out complicated software, it's perfect. Works just like any other messenger.

@griffinkate But don't worry too much about it. In the end the only thing you can change reliably is yourself; others will allow their minds to be changed only if they want that. You can switch, tell people why you did so and hope some join you. The more you force the issue, the less likely they're to listen.

@Mayana Thanks for this thoughtful reply. I actually switched to Signal for my SMS stuff a couple of months ago because I got tired of the native Android app whining that I didn't give it a lot of irrelevant permissions. (Why do you need access to "body sensors" to let me send a damn text?)

I will start using Signal more heavily now but I don't think the long-established family WhatsApp groups will move platforms. My family thinks I'm paranoid about infosec stuff and when I try to raise privacy concerns they tell me to stop worrying about "the Russians listening"!

@griffinkate Gah, yeah! That's always so damn annoying. No, we don't care about privacy only because of the Russians, or the Chinese, or even only because of the US. It is not one damn country doing this, it is *all* of them, if we're getting into this argument.
But let's not. Because you don't have to be worried that countries are listening in; being worried that companies are is more than enough. Not wanting to become a number, a product, that is not paranoid.
And if they tell you you're exaggerating, well, freaking Wikipedia doesn't agree:
Look at that long article and despair. 😩
Right, sorry for that rant. I just really hate that kind of response.

@griffinkate Anyway, I suppose try to weigh how much you'd lose if you deleted WhatsApp and weren't in those groups anymore. It's not easy, I know. This is your family. But this being your family also means that you do have other ways of contacting them, including meeting up with them (pandemic restrictions allowing).
See what groups you can drop. Preferably all of them, but I'm no privacy nut; I know that can be impossible. Walk out of your comfort zone as much as you are able. Perhaps someone will follow. If not, well, you will still have done something for yourself.

@Mayana This is exactly it! I'm not worried about "Russia", I'm worried about corporations with as much power as some countries having access to my personal info. I have tried to explain this to family but they can't imagine what would be so bad about anything Facebook etc could do to them. 🤷

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