Self Care Check List
A page where all there is to do is click check boxes
That's it

Open to suggestions, language or things to add to the list

BGM: "Sad Premonition / Lilium" || haruka nakamura

#selfcare - Rest easy #fediverse


@pixouls This is quite a cool resource! Thank you for creating it. 💙
I must admit though that the fact some of these check boxes need to be check if a task *has been* completed, while others are phrased in such a way that they should be checked if a task *needs* completing, confuses me more than it should. 😂
For example, compare "Have you washed your sheets, PJs, towels, and/or other laundry within the past three weeks?" (check if completed) to "Are there batteries that need to be charged?" (check if needs completing).
That honestly doesn't matter though. It's just a random thing I noticed.

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