I just convinced an older blind teacher that uses WhatsApp to communicate with his students (he prefers voice messages to typing) to try out ! And so far, he likes it! 😁
Obviously, this doesn't mean his students will want to switch. But I got one person to care about privacy a little, and that's a start, right? A lot can be accomplished through friendliness and small steps. 🙂
I'm glad that Signal being pretty accessible makes this possible. Now, if only their desktop app sucked a bit less ...

I personally do not really like signal since it is based in the US.
The US is not really good for privacy...
But it is one of the more known alternatives though.
I myself prefer Matrix/Element or Threema, I already got one person to use Matrix, since I am stopping to use WhatsApp. But well, as far as I know element does not have that voice message option, so yeah then probably Signal would be a good choice.

@storydragon I was of half a mind to write up a response for anyone saying I shouldn't have recommended Signal, but decided against it. So here it is now:
Yes, I know Signal is not perfect. I have read of its my flaws. And I know there are other alternatives that would have also worked; although I have not tested all of them, and so can't vouch for accessibility.
But this person is someone who still believes he has "nothing to hide", and is only just getting used to screen readers on top of that. He'd have very little patience. I didn't feel like putting him through all the annoyance I've felt getting Element and Matrix to work.
Signal is simple, and used by many. If there is anyone in his social circle that uses it, perhaps that will encourage him to think more about privacy. I can suggest other alternatives then, if needed.

And yes, the best way to get people to care about privacy is to not push them to care. Just tell about it and accept that they might not care as much.
@thenewoil wrote a good article about it.

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