Fun fact: is actually pretty accessible, simple to use and all around cool. πŸ™‚
Kind of ashamed I never thought of testing it sooner, but hey, I had a call there today. And yeah, it's just as nice as you folks I follow have been saying it is all this time.

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@Mayana really? Never tested it. Is the screen reader experience better on mobile or Desktop?p?

@weirdwriter I can't answer that one, unfortunately. I only used it once, and even then only the website, not the downloaded client. So perhaps I shouldn't be making sweeping claims just yet ...

@Mayana I dunno, it's open source so assuming that it's not very accessible seems like a safe bet... πŸ˜”

@petrichor ... yeah. That's why I was worried at first, to be honest. And that's perhaps why I was so excited that it wasn't bad at all that I had to toot about it.

@Mayana it's gotten better, actually. About a year ago there were lots of unlabeled buttons and controls and whatnot. But now it works fine!

@talon Ah, good to know! Let's hope it stays that way, then. πŸ™‚

@Mayana nice to hear that about jitsi. i went into one or two jitsi meet ups just for the heck of being part of a jitsi meet with people other than myself. :P
having said that I feel like the work of contributing to foss projects' labeling of buttons and controls for screenreaders should be something that attracts people who are better with their human language than their programming language. Not sure if that separation of label strings and code is thought of by foss projects from the start.

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