Recently, two new lists joined : and . Would anyone like to be in those?

Can you add me to #Outdoors , please?

I started using the tag last week, when @xosem alerted me to it.

@fitheach Sure, can do!
You are now in the following categories: Dogs, FLOSS, Food, Linux, Movies, Music, Nature, Outdoors, Photography, Politics, Scotland, Technology, UK Politics.
Does that look right to you?

That fits nicely with the things I post about:

@Mayana Please add me to "Demoscene" (:

(I may already be in it? Unsure (: )

@Truck Given that it was only just added, that would be quite hard to accomplish! So no, you weren't; but now you are!
Here's the lists that you're in: Demoscene, Emacs, Pixelart, Retro Gaming.
Is that all correct?

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