I'm so happy to have assisted @talon in the making of this great 3d space invaders ! It may or may not win the 2, but will for sure bring much fun (and frustration! Oh my goodness, so much frustration ...) to the judges.
I imagine it would be quite confusing for you sighted folks unless you are already familiar with audio games from somewhere else. But if you're at all curious, I still recommend you try it! If nothing else, for the delightful and funny voice acting (which some might even find familiar ... :ms_wink: )!
And after that, do check the other jam entries, as well! Like the one from @pitermach in the next boost!

@Mayana @talon What she said. I helped out a little bit with a few of the sounds and it's quite literarly a blast, you know, because you're blasting things.

@pitermach Have you heard the voice acting yet? Pretty nice, isn't it? :ms_wink:

@Mayana @talon @pitermach This is intriguing to me. Do you have a link to the jam itself for the other entries? I can't seem to find it from your linked page.

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