Hey fellow users, could you give me some (preferably open source, but I'm not super picky) app recommendations? I am looking for a timer app that would allow me to set predefined timers, rather than having to set everything up each time, as you have in the built in Clock app.
Basically, I am looking for something like Cuppa ( (, except that you can't add new recipes to that one, just edit existing ones. I don't even know why, since there's more teas out there than herbal, green and black, but oh well.

@Mayana I'm curious about the same thing actually.

The built-in Clock app (at least the version I have) does let you set up predefined timers, and name them, but you have to swipe through them, so it's not particularly convenient. I've been using Cuppa for my tea brewing, but it'd be nice to have something more flexible, but yet which has an interface more like Cuppa's than like Clock's.

@emacsomancer Wait, you can do that with the default Clock? I must've missed that, then. I swipe through everything anyway because of Talkback, so this could work.
It's still not the ideal solution though, especially since you have to dismiss each timer before it shuts the hell up, instead of it just making one sound like Cuppa does. I'll let you know if I find anything better (one of the workout timers, perhaps? :ms_shrug: ).

@Mayana Oh, yeah, that's that other reason that Clock is non-ideal. When I'm making tea etc., I don't feel like having to get my mobile out to turn off an alarm.

You'd think someone would have made a more general purpose Cuppa-style timer manager. I'll see what I can find too, and we can compare notes.

@emacsomancer Perhaps one of us should find Cuppa's Github page and open an issue for adding new recipes? Seems like a obvious feature really, and shouldn't be that hard to add if editing exists already.

@emacsomancer OK, this is puzzling. From the app's description: "[...]unless you want to customize brew times or add your own favorite teas (new in version 1.4!)"
But I can't see any buttons for adding new teas. Maybe they're hidden in the menu that pops up when you tap on "show menu", which is full of unlabeled buttons ...
Yeah, I really should open an issue about this.

@Mayana Yeah, on the latest version there are ways of customising the 3 tea timers (colours, temps, times), but I don't see a way of adding one.

@emacsomancer Hmm. Then what buttons do you see under the "show menu" option under each of those teas (not sure how it looks like for you exactly)?


So if I click the "gear" icon from the main screen, it takes me to a preference screen where there are three "cards": one for black tea, one for green tea, one for herbal tea. I can change the colour of the alarm icon, the time for the tea and the temperature.

And then there's a toggle for "displaying the time and temperature for each tea on the timer buttons"

The card style of the timer makes it feel like one should be able to add more teas, but I don't see any way of doing that currently and given that the "More teas" issue is still "Open" on GitHub, I suspect one cannot currently, but the developer says that's in the next milestone.

@emacsomancer Ah, those are colors! Right, thank you. The label was so vague that I had no idea what the button even did.
I'll just open a seperate issue about accessibility then, and patiently wait for an update.


Oh wow I'd love this too! Please reply to this with an answer you find.

I'm looking for a pre-defined timer to make it easier for me to do intermittent fasting- so I can have an 8, 6, and 4 hour window that I can start when I need!

@emacsen Will do!
For my case, I've realized I could maybe re-purpose one of the many workout timers out there for what I'd like. So if I find nothing better, I'll test some of those, and let you know if any would work for us.

These two timer apps can do that:
- Timer +X: (which is quite minimalistic)
- TimerDroid:

Seems like neither of those will shup up on their own, though...

@friend Shame. But they'll work until Cuppa gets an update for adding more teas, and then I'll just abuse that for everything.
Thank you very much for finding these! Kind of ashamed I've missed them, with names like that. :ms_facepalm:
@emacsomancer @emacsen

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