And now for something positive, the latest Discord update at least in canary has now made screen readers speak messages when you focus them. So, you can now use it like Unigram or Slack, press F6 to focus the message list, then just up and down arrow to read them. Home and end will take you to the start and end of the list. If you'd rather stay in virtual cursor mode, then each message is now in its own article landmark, so if your screen reader has a key to move through those you can also jump around that way.


@pitermach That's neat! I'm thinking of switching to Canary anyway because the main version is suddenly not playing notification sounds anymore, so it'll be fun to test that as well while at it.
Article jumping is really useful, and I've no idea why NVDA doesn't have it by default. I set it to the "j" key and it makes browsing Mastodon a whole lot easier. I look forward to doing the same on Discord as well.

@Mayana @pitermach Does your article nav still work on I used to be able to, but can't now.

@nolan Still works, yes. I'm not sure what's wrong. Do you have the Advanced Web Interface enabled, did you clear the cache, etc?
Which screen reader and browser are you using, and does the same happen with other combinations?
I suppose if you can't resolve it, you could always switch to instead.

@Mayana Advanced web interface is on, yes. I'm on Brave and NVDA. I refreshed with ctrl-shift-r, guessing that replaces any caches. Very odd, thanks for confirming that it works for you.

@nolan OK so ... you're right. Articles don't work for me in Brave either. They do in Firefox, but not Brave. My bad.
I have no idea what's wrong. The instance hasn't been updated for a while now. Could this be a mess-up from one of Brave's own updates, instead? Or perhaps NVDA? Might be worth submitting a couple issues on Github, although the Brave people might just have no idea what you're talking about.
Does moving by article still work elsewhere?

@Mayana Hmm, actually this happens on stock Chrome too, so it isn't just Brave. Thanks for confirming that it works. I've verified that it works on Firefox as well. Shame that Firefox performs so poorly over here.

@nolan Does jumping by article still work on If so, would you feel comfortable using that as a workaround until this (hopefully) gets fixed?
I'll reach out to blind people on other instances to see if this is just our own problem, because I don't have any alts to test with right now.

@Mayana Sorry, I wasn't clear. I found a website with articles, and navigating via next/prev article doesn't work on NVDA/Chrome/Brave for me. It works fine under Firefox. So seems like a Chromium bug. I didn't realize this was a browser issue--figured maybe we upgraded or something since I last poked Mastodon. :)

@nolan Ah, I see. Well, that sucks.
Well, an alternative would be using two keys instead of one; first b, then k. Technically just k will work in most cases, but some toots contain hashtags or links.
Or you could try reading toots in focus mode and see how that goes, perhaps?

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