Tater's language rules, food ment 

@ljwrites Hmm, perhaps? But they tend not to make the mistake of becoming so hungry they start biting, so I would assume they must not be *that* tasty after all.

Tater's language rules, food ment 

@ljwrites I speak Tater's Logic language! :ms_grin:
But yeah, that seemed pretty obvious to me. You lick the ice cream. Cats lick themselves to get clean.
It's not that he thinks cats are tasty (I hope!). Although, he might think cats think cats are tasty; who knows?

Tater's language rules, food ment 

@ljwrites Maybe it's just because cats clean themselves so much? :ms_shrug:

@ajroach42 I know that probably doesn't help, but ... in my case, it's mostly just asking people. Whenever I start DMing someone, I will soon start a music exchange; sending a song, having them send something, and both of us slowly figuring out each other's tastes.
Other than that? Bandcamp recommendations, looking up similar artists and ... well, to be honest, plenty of YouTube recommendations.

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"Did your data get breached by Facebook in its vast, ghastly, 500,000,000 person valdez? The lovely folks at Digital Rights Ireland are suing Facebook under the GDPR for money damages and they'd like to sign you up to be part of the lawsuit."

@storydragon Wouldn't it be preferable to use the same client for both, and have an accessibility options menu allowing people to adjust what kind of visual and auditory queues they want to have?

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Hello everyone!

I'm coming from the big ol' instance, just checking out this instance here. I might move here permanently. (:

So, for now, I'm not doing a proper "move", but I might! :D

Book Poll 

@ifixcoinops Yeah, putting it on the poll made the whole thing so unbalanced. :ms_joy:

@FiXato This is a great ... terrible ... um, this certainly is an idea ..!
Sure, most people wouldn't catch on and would just think there's a bug somewhere. But I can't help but adore this anyway. For the same reason I have a Medusa as my profile pic. For the same reason I wanted to put this vision-testing poster in my room:
It's just so beautifully chaotic.

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@ljwrites transparent/blank emoji that convey no graphical meaning, but solely rely on their alt text? 🤔 @Mayana

@ljwrites Well, they would still be more usable (and to my delight, bewildering!) to you sighted people. Unless I added it with a very long shortcode (eyeless_blobcat_with_word_wink), other blind people would miss out on the joke.
Of course, there's always things like *wink* which are done by some people. But somehow that's less ... rebellious?

@ljwrites @FiXato I ... I actually want this now. Damn you.
@pixouls Thoughts?
Maybe we could even have "smile" in the place of a mouth, and ... wait no I should stop joking because one of you weird (wonderful) people will actually make it happen. :ms_joy:

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@ljwrites No no, I do know that. Now, at least. But for that one brief confused moment ... :eyeless_grin:

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@tagomago @rysiek In Firefox, you can disable cookies for specific sites. See the screenshot. This will get rid of the cookie consent dialogue. To get rid of the "Login to Youtube", add this as a custom uBlock filter


It's not a bug-free solution though. It'll get rid of all the popups, but links where the start time is specified will be played from the beginning.

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does anyone have experience running their own server for usage in a local community? Like, on your own hardware, without AWS or something like that?

I'm wondering what kind of hardware and bandwidth would be necessary to run a Matrix/Mastodon/Mobilizon server (possibly all at the same time?)

Is this actually feasible for a working class community space? Most of the self-hosted things ive seen are on centralized networks like AWS or cloudflare.

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A bit weird couple of questions for non-cis people. Boost if you like, please :boost_requested:

1. Do you have some sort of internal voice or monologue?

2. If you do, has this voice changed during your gender transition, gender-wise?

@pixouls Good plan! That's basically the strategy blind people take when dealing with unlabeled buttons, too! Press them all; something good will happen eventually! :ms_grinning:

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Waou, lots of cool answers, but I guess I forgot the need for a control group, oops!

If you could boost again, please? :boost_requested:

Only for cis people: do you have an internal voice or internal monologue? And how does it sound, gender-wise?

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