I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

@Quietgirl82 alt texts are so helpful. Even with intact vision I usually read them

@alinanorakari thats awesome they help you as well!!! I’m losing my vision more and more over time so I’m learning to use assistive technology and its been a huge help.

@Quietgirl82 I'm so glad that technology is here to help us help ourselves

@alinanorakari yes same!!! Your really cool :) feel free to message me anytime :)

@alinanorakari @Quietgirl82 I do that, too.

While my vision is limited by myopia from one side and presbyopia from the other, I do fine with glasses. Still the alt text often has information that helps me to understand what the picture is meant to say. That can be additional information, or something I might not have noticed on my own. I like that.

@jyrgenn @alinanorakari yes its so helpful honestly and now that my vision is declining its so much appreciated.

I really appreciate the way that Mastodon as a web app encourages alt text with a "No description added" label on new image uploads.

It's only a subtle functional change over the way the birdsite handles image descriptions, but it establishes the expectation of accessibility as a norm just the same.

@DrCuriosity yes I agree. It encourages accessibility and normalizes it. More and more people on here are using alt text to describe their images. This is really good I find that other social media sites don’t really have this kind of Inviorment.

@oliviersaraja awe please do your best. Its very helpful especially for people with visual impairments and other disabilities. It helps people visualize your pictures and the descriptions are sooo helpful.

@Quietgirl82 I have at least a friend here with visual impairment so, yes, I should definitely pay attention.

@oliviersaraja yes thank you so much for your understanding :) your very kind 💖💕

@Quietgirl82 I've been adding description for years (if someone is reading this and struggles with them: message me, I will gladly caption) but recently I run into a very detailed art description and I realized that I've missed few details only when I read the description by the author, it's awesome!

@Quietgirl82 I keep forgetting to use alt text in my image posts. Thanks for this reminder, it will help me try harder.

@ardgedee thank you so much please try your best you do an amazing service when you use alt text.

@Quietgirl82 Well, it also helps that this is a default option already built in. People are lazy and often forget. At least I feel that way.

@Pistolenkind thats good this is a built in option. It helps with putting awareness of accessibility in everyone’s mind.

@Quietgirl82 It's an important step. Consideration and rethinking are great. Adjusting the structure of the situation to the needs of others is even better.

@Pistolenkind yes I have noticed that people use alt text more here then any other social media. This is really good I can interact with the pictures and images like everyone else.

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