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I do not follow back or follow in general people without some sort of bio.

❌️:If homophobia were a conversation about food...

Homophobic Person: My favorite food is pizza!

Homosexual Person: Cool! My favorite food is pasta!

Bisexual Person: I like both!

Pansexual Person: Hey guys, I don’t have a favorite! I’ll pretty much eat what tastes good to me.

Asexual Person: I like the way food looks and smells more than the way it tastes.


Time in Turkey's been great. I have had my internet break. I feel good. I hope all are doing well. We're sleeping here and returning late to native land tomorrow at late evening, perhaps. I don't want to say how tired I'll be. but it was kind of worth it. My foot gave me problems, but I think it's getting on just barely. So much for walking long distances, eh? I can't. I admit it. :)

Requirement of profile pics. 

Do not ask people to post Some people might feel very uncomfortable doing that. This, however, does not mean they are bots or scammers of any kind. Thought I could share my views on that, since I do get uncomfortable spewing pics all over the internet. The less is known about me, the better. Anonymity is what it's called.

It suddenly stood in front of a blue box. Yes, it was blue, it was pretty sure it looked blue. Its tentacles wrapped around itself, as if it were trying to move forward and peer closer at the strange box. It sure looked small, but size might lie, for all it knew. It formed a hand with a few of its tentacles and put them on the door which wooshed opened.
"Hmm. Strange," it thought. "That wasn't for me." It swivelled its head around, pearing into the box.
It suddenly looked way bigger than i thought. Yeah. It was right, size was a diseedful little prick. It cautiously stepped twards it. one, two, three steps it made, peareing around again to make sure all was clear and proceeded down the hallway which opened ahead of it. The hallway was pretty big, and its steps, which sounded like someone stepping into a puddle echoed loudly down the deserted hallway. It was big enough for a few pretty big-sized aliens, or creatures to pass through without any difficulties. Up ahead, it saw a door and proceeded to put that same hand on it which had formed and let it open all the other doors. There were not many doors, however, there was that one which it managed to open and get itself over here, in this big like a maze thing. It really, wholeheartedly hoped it was just a simple blue box, but, as it always had the bad luck in its life, it turned out to be pretty big.
It was starting to get scared now, its tentacles thrashing around, or slightly shaking, despite that, it continued up the path of connected, tangled hallways. Sometimes it thought it had been led in circles. An idea struck its brain. It finally made a dash for the nearest differently-looking door, slamming its hand upon it, and stumbling inside as soon as the door registered it. It fell on the ground with a loud thud, like a sack of potatoes. of course, it had no idea what potatoes were, that, however, would have been later explained to it as it suddenly found itself staring into the faces of other, quite oddly looking creatures. It opened its mouth and a roll of sharp, needle like teath were full on display. As son as they saw that, the other occupants f the room slowly backed up. They, it seemed, were just as shaken as it had been just a few moments ago.
It finally looked around the room. It had a lot of buttons, and nobs, and. Again, oddly looking furniture and devices. The floor was metal and gleeming, so were the walls and ceiling, and then it saw it. It saw the way too familiar outer space view, with all the stars, lights and other such phenomena, and it all clicked. So, after all, it realised, it was in a spaceship. "Hell, yeah, cool!" it thought. Its kind were well-known pilots of the xaalt ships, which were specially developed for their race, by their own smartest and most clever people. These ships were, sometimes, like small children when you connected for the first time and established a telepathic connection with them. But it was adepth at flying them. This ship, however, had something very odd about it. There was a glow, an enchanting light at the most centrally put console. It looked in wonderment at the light, until a weird, blob-like thing did not approach it and then it was forced to take its eyes of the beautiful light.
"Oh, uh." it stuttered, and the sky blue blob just rippled, then made a hand-like tentacle and proceeded to guiding it to the others with a curt nod in their direction. It had known only more blob like this one, but it was slightly more. Well, it was green. It was from an Earth book. But this one seemed smaller and more gentle. It had two enormous black gold eyes atop its head, which rolled in its direction, then at the direction of the others, as the blob indicated for it to follow. It agreed and they set off towards the others. In no time, it had learned the ship's mechanics, expected all consoles and met six other people, ranging from humans, to super small humans, to a dragon-like creature, and even a cat which narrowed her eyes at it, regarding its tentacles suspiciously. It produced a breather from somewhere, and put it around its head. It was time to get watered, it thought. At this rate, it would be dead. It needed to be more careful now, that its ship had crashed, and it had lost all of its people. Everyone. Then it aimlessly drifted into space with its breather, until, it found itself here. It knew it did press the emergency protocol, but was not sure that someone would respond on time. And nobody, except this odd lot here which now accepted it and had seemed keen on knowing it more and more. Finally, it was time for it to sleep, and just like that, it curled its tentacles around itself and fell into a deep sleep, breather still at its side. £tootfic £microfic £shortstory £writing

This class is so boring, that hyperactivity and dissociation happened at once. Uh. Problem, though. I don't remember half of this boring class.

It seems as if I have taken a liking to posting in my wn language. That means I am pretty comfortable around people to share thoughts with, or even posts in a different language than English. Go me, or something. Haha.


Те стояха и се гледаха. Нито един от тях не каза и дума. Вината не беше тяхна. Не се бяха виждали от години, а още имаше пламъче в сърцата им. Щом погледите им се срещнаха то загоря по-силно, разпали огъня и той отвори старите рани. Те, обаче, знаеха, че няма как да са заедно. Животът ги беше прецакал. Шибаният му и живот. Тя плачеше, а той се беше вкарал в такава каша, че от нея нямаше излизане. Историята беше заплетена, а той я бе оставил, защото го беше страх. От какво го беше страх, обаче, тя не разбра. Не я и интересуваше дали ще разбере. Вече имаше свой живот. Любовта можеше и да се научи. Беше ѝ писнало да я прецакват, беше ѝ писнало да вярва безрезервно и да дава всичко от себе си. Сега, когато стояха един срещу друг, нещата бяха по-различни. Не можеха да се преструват, че не им пукаше, защото всъщност беше точно обратното. Опитваха се да не гледат, но не се получаваше. Намираха погледите си - по случайност или не, не знаеха, а може би всичко беше съдба. Цялата им среща трябваше да се случи, ала тъпата ѝ съдба не знаеше колко болят раните. Бе изключително странно да се срещнат след толкова много години. Тя, имаща семейство и той, изглеждащ по-самотен от всякога. Той, осъзна тя, си нямаше никого и това я тревожеше, искаше да направи нещо, за да облекчи самотата, но вече бе късно. Много късно...
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Има пръв път за всичко. ,дойде време за пост на български. Избягвах да пиша, но сега ми се отдава възможност и смятам да я използвам по-често. Казах, че пиша и сега асистентката ми иска да й покажа какво съм писала. Ужас. Ха-ха-ха. 😂😳

Good morning! May your day be filled with positive things and happiness. :dragon_happy:

A little negative, but then positive.. 

I listen to rain when I am super meh and depressed. I have this app tooooo. Okay, totally, but, like, totally. Dragons are the best for coming up with that idea. :P Feels relaxing just listening to this. :dragon_happy:

Silly dragon joke of failing. 

Flies up to the ceiling of the room, then falls back down, hard with a thud. That's so much for me failing today. Sniffles.

That failed miserably. Woops, but. Anyone using Metatext and using VoiceOver? Any way of making it stop saying comma before certain things like notifications and boosts? An any way of it saying the notification like "so and so favourited your post" instead of "new notification?" Because I can't seem to fix it. Any helps is appreciated. I know I did ask this at some point, but decided to try out my luck again. :)

Good morning! Well,it's a late morning, but it's Sunday, so. Sleep happened. :)

*Flitters my wings aimlessly* If that's not a symbol of a happy dragon, then me knows nothing. :P :dragon_happy:

He was called by a slim, tall girl, with long, wavy jet black hair which fell her back, and stirking blue eyes. He liked her. Were it not for his mission, he would have had some fun, and maybe something would turn out this time out of it. He wore his leather pants, his sturdy leather tunic and a cloak over it all. He tucked the weapons under his cloak, in special sheathes for the daggers in his leather belt, which he had wrapped around his waste. All was black. Simple as that. Black, his teacher had said once, keeps you undercover in the darkness of the night. And the night protects us. He wore his matching black leather boots, put a few dagers inside both, then put a few knifes into the outer straps and covered it all with his long cloak. He drew the hook, finally reached on the table and pulled the mask onto his face. then, with a last glance towards that captivating woman, he set out into the night.
The night had just begun to fall when he set out, so he kept into the shadows, until he reached his destination. He knew it would not be just a brawl. It was a bounty. For one of the most wanted men in their history. And he was there, to do his job. He was an assassin. He had to bring the man, dead or alive, it mattered not. It would not be easy, that he knew. Every mission he went on, was never easy.
What made it even harder was the fact that there were buffy muscular guards standing at the entrance of the man's manner. and what a manner it was. Three or so stories high, vast, beautiful, and ornately decoraded. Pity that he was going to kill, or tigh its master. that gave him confidence. He hated this man. He had murdered children and woman. that, he hated. He was an assassin, a ruthless killer. But as soon as it came to women and children, he would not hesitate to help. He had a soft heart undernieth the cloak, mask and weapons strapped to every inch of his body, wherever possible. they had told him it was easy. That, of course, was easily said, since these rich arseholes didn't even bother themselves to do the job. Of course, he sneared in his head, they wouldn't do it. Why dirty their hands when someone else could? Someone whose hands were already dirty. He knew he had enemies. But never, not even once could his enemies catch him. the mask was practically removable if one did not know how to exactly remove it. Countless fools had tried to remove it, only to be frustrated. And a frustrated and angry man, gives loopholes and weaknesses for an easier escape. That's how he always managed to run away, even from the most intelligent mafia bosses at some point. He crepped around the building, and quietly drew a bow from his bag which was neatly under his cloak.
He found a low spot and leaped, landing on the roof of the building, or, was it the neighbouring building? He did not care. He only cared about the ideal spot for sniping that this gave him. He comfortable set his bow on his shoulder, knocked an arrow and carefully aimed at the first guard, then pulled with immense strength. The arrow leaped, made a few spins into the air, and for a moment he thought his missed, but then it got right into the guard's head. The bulky man collapsed and fell with an audible thud which even he heard. "Damn these men were some bulk" he thought to himself. Which made it easier to know if he got the bools-eye. He knocked another arrow, and another, and soon all the men that were blocking his access to the house in the front were down. And the idiots on the back end of the house did not even know what was coming. that's how ridiculously big the house was, that was its disadvantage and he knew it. the idiot inside, its master, did not care to put snipers or people on the side so they could see what was going. and that would be his downfall. He slowly entered and beautiful ornate marble hallways stretched in front of him, the walls baring portrets of people he had no time to look after. He was stopped in the front, and he looked for one of his companions who was supposed to let him in, since he worked.
They were pals since they were babies, and if his friend got injured, he would be there - to kill and be killed for him, and he knew that his friend would do the same for him. He was finally let in, as his buddy gave him a wink and an approving nod. He would join him soon, and chaos and hell would rain free from all ends of the house. Nobody would know where it all came from, except them. He snickered lightly and entered, removing his mask discreetly, blending in with the crowd and soon located his foe, but paused to enjoy some of the lavish party - getting some food and a drink, which all screamed immense wealth.
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She sat on a table in a bar that looked quite shabby. A few girls were chattering loudly, but she paid them no heat as she turned up her earphones’ volume, the music blaring in her ears, ludly, oddly calming to her nerves and broken heart. She had a goblet of some kind of beer that did not taste that bad.
“So, what if he doesn’t write me?” said one of the girls a few tables away from her. “I will make him answer, I will act just as hard to get as he does right now.” She knew it. She had made the same mistake in the past, so she just stared and kept sipping her beer slowly, deliberately speeding up sipping the beer, so she could get out of this nasty place where the girls were nonstop conversing quite loudly. There was only one of them. Something about her seemed odd. She did not converse so loudly, but she did not pay her any more attention when she saw her state. A disabled. No wonder, she though. What they must be doing to her eardrums was beyond her business and understanding, and she dared not to pry much.
Suddenly, though, as if from the nothing, the girl that was facing her table asked her for an advice on that same topic. Darkness pressed onto her from every side. She expected everything, but not them asking her for an advice on that topic. Not that topic. That same mistake that had rendered her heart unable to love for so many years. Some boy, to them, but a very clear memory of him for her, who had done the same thing. Played it hard to get. And then what? He had dumped her with a lot of threats and bad things behind her back. She was hurt, scarred. And those girls reminded her of the scars. How that particular one had the audacity to ask, though, was beyond her. You would not see people usually asking for an advice out of the blue, especially strangers, not in their culture, not in their country. She had told them, voice trembling and shaking, tears threatening to escape from her large emerald green eyes that they are doing a mistake. “You need to respect yourselves, you are women. Do not let men wrap you around your fingers, and you, too, do not wrap them around yours. There needs to be a balance in it all.” The girl looked at her strangely and thanked her. She had told them that she cannot partake any much longer in their conversation, for she had remembered it all. How he had left her, how she stooped on the lowest levels just to earn his love. No. that would ruin her evening. She would not allow that. She turned away from them, put her headphones back, turned up the music and quickly gulped down the rest of her beer, then she got up, left the bill and a small tip and dashed for the exit, right onto the street where she would be free of those memories.
She strolled aimlessly towards her home, cars, bicycles and other vehicles noisily passing-by as she continued onwards, earphones still in her ears. At least, she thought, the memories were now faiding and she could breathe, finally. Free of the pressing darkness, she soon saw her complex and got lost out of side as that same girl who had been the quietest tried following and thinking of her and if she were okay. It was quite awkward, as if the girl had some special enrgy to calm others around her. But the girl go lost, and she was, again, enveloped in darkness’ embrace. Only sleep was left to her, where she would feel at peace and dream of beautiful and impossible things, though sleep that night, as it seemed, did not come easy, and the dreams that followed were, if not else, nightmares. What did these words of advice do to her? Had she never healed from the experience? Had she not started her life new and fresh, with someone who would wake her up every morning? Sure, she did, but not all wounds healed. Some of them reopened, like threads of stitches barely holding on, as if a doctor never stitched the wounds properly. And she came to the conclusion, that love was hard. Harder than she had thought it was. £microfic £tootfiction

I have just released Hometown v1.0.5+3.5.2!

No new features, just bringing things up to parity with the latest Mastodon v3.5.2. Lots of cool new features thanks to their team and contributors, though.

We will have some Hometown tweaks/fixes/features coming soon though!


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