reminder: most proprietary antivirus programs targeted towards home users such as avast and AVG are essentially malware themselves. personally i consider them to be trojans, spyware, and adware. they claim to keep your system completely safe, but in reality they mostly just slow it down, download unwanted software, advertise to the user, and do basically nothing but sit around and try to detect malicious files, which often causes false flags or doesn't properly detect them.

@mjdxp Why do I agree? Perhaps because I experienced the same. They're awful. Also, very inaccessible, and inaccessibly hard to remove as well.

@bluespacedragon they make their programs intentionally difficult to remove, they try and use scare tactics to keep the software on the user's PC, honestly it should be illegal to do that


@mjdxp Absolutely. Like a website that doesn't let you delete your data. Both those should be absolutely illegal. Also, what's wrong with standard installers? If your software worked well, you don't need fancy captchas or weird 3rd party utilities that get rid of you accessibly to get rid of you if you made the software actually do any job.

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