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Okay, I've completed the migration of my blog to Gemini! I'll probably post more frequently now, since there's nothing between me, the text, and the output mode, just that same text, which is very liberating!


Yay Dolphin on Android got updated! Hopefully the vibrations are bettbber now. I have nidea how it feels so great with an Xbox controller, but kinda clunky and the same with the Samsung vibration motor, which I know can do varied vibrations.

@Mastodon @devinprater if it helps, here is the repository, but, quite honestly, I am exhausted with trying to make people care about accessibility when they did not really consider accessibility from the beginning

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If Eugen is so ashamed of the monster he's created that he feels the majority of it should be hidden away like a dirty little secret in the official iOS app he could use that shame towards building better tools towards a healthier and safer social space like people have been literally begging for and suggesting since 2017

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(video description: Yoda saying "Into exile, I must go. Failed I have.")

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"The tyranny of a movement without structure claiming that there is no leadership is a common scam known to Anarchism, where hidden 'shot callers' perpetrate the farce of equality, internal democracy, consensus process. It is worse when it is a corrupt and fraudulent white leadership designed to frustrate the desires of peoples of color to raise their issues and have representation in the movement. 1/2

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holy shit this is so evil even by Google standards


Google encouraged employees who experienced harassment/assault to use their Employee Assistance Program benefits (provided by Lyra Health), then pressured counselors to provide records of their sessions to use in court when those employees filed lawsuits

You know how in some videogames the in game time pauses while you look at menus and in your inventory and dialog and stuff?
I wish it was like that in real life

So after some interactions with @josias and @Shrigglepuss (give the bloke a clap he’s really great), I’ve come up with some outlines for a new Federated service, trying to make it good for techie people and newcomers who maybe don’t know that much.

Everyone feel free to give me their thoughts, please be scathing, it’s helpful.

- Lighter than Mastodon
- Easy to setup for non-techie people
- Extensible for the techie people
- Upvote system like Reddit/Lemmy, stops me from having to Favourite posts I’d rather upvote.
- Linux AND Windows support, I know we could fully support Linux only, but I want people to have the choice to use Windows Server is they so wish.
- Friendly community spirit (like CTZN)
- Include database in server (like Citadel and GoToSocial, no need for external dependencies)
- Implement in Python (or Golang) so teen newcomers can easily tweak code (taught in all British school and most American ones, unsure about others, but Python is a relatively easy language)

I love this Android phone. I just copied a bunch of stuff straight from my PC to the phone's download folder, no iTunes, no iCloud Drive (although that's where I was copying *from*), nothing like that. Just simple, easy file transfer. Man I've missed this.

Just airfried some hotdogs and oh my gosh they're so good! They're the big sausage dogs with cheese in them.

Hot take: Android phones are better for blind beginners than iPhones. Every TalkBack feature is conveyed through the tutorial, every UI element is shown and navigated to using exploration or swipes/flicks, and midrange phones are getting very good these days I hear, so a blind user, who may only live on SSI/SSDI (social security checks), may more easily afford a great midrange phone. Of course there is the iPhone SE, but you know, no tutorial and all that. And what if a blind user doesn't live near a training center, or doesn't feel comfortable with their blindness enough to go to a "blindness" center? They're stuck, as far as I can tell. Oh and the new gestures for getting to the home screen and such. That'll be easy for a brand new iPhone user to do.

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And, while I know some of it is users not feeling comfortable venturing outside of what they know, and digging into VoiceOver settings, or reading the iPhone user guide, it's also on Apple to at *least* get people started. After all, how would they browse the web to Apple's accessibility site without knowing how to use Safari? How would they read the iPhone user guide without knowing how to navigate to the Books app, open it, search for the book, get the book, open the book, and read the book?

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I mean, so many blind people own iPhones. How many don't know about the Braille Screen Input feature? How many who used to could see don't know about the handwriting feature? How many don't know about the "Magic Tap"? All because Apple just doesn't give them any information. So every time I go to a presentation style meeting on Assistive Technology, all people really want to hear about is the iPhone? And I used to think it was dumb, like "I mean gosh don't y'all know enough about the iPhone?" But now I see why; it's because they don't. And they've been left in the dark about it so long that even *after* they've learned what they need, they think "What else is hidden from me? What else did Apple not tell me?" And that's a shame.

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So, I was working with a student who is blind, and has never used an iPhone before, and never saw the iPhone screen or layout. Tutorials are so very important for new users of, probably anything. Apple should have had a tutorial for VoiceOver on the iPhone from the start. TalkBack had a tutorial, and it's one thing Google has gotten very right. There's even a tutorial for all of the new features, and the Braille keyboard even! With VoiceOver, the onscreen braille keyboard there may as well be a "hidden" cheat code for all that it is mentioned anywhere in VoiceOver's UI (settings). So, those who are newly blind may only be able to make calls and send and receive messages. And if they get a call? Well, they'll just have to call back. And when they want to end a call? Well... Gotta wait until someone else ends it or the battery goes dead. I mean, I love teaching these people, I really do. I'm not complaining about that at all. But Apple doesn't make it any easier, when they well could.

So, I have a Mastodon client, Matrix client, SMS... all on my phone. Now I just need a good, accessible IRC client.

Here's html-conduit's error correction algorithm Rhapsode/etc uses:

1. Unquoted attributes & implicitly self-closing tags are still supported, besides these are very common now!
2. If you close any open tag, all tags between it & the current one are implicitly closed.
3. If you explicitly close an implicitly closed tag the explicit closing tag will be ignored.

This'll recover from any error, just maybe not "correctly".

P.S. Moving Markdown parsers clientside would be nice... Not *as* trivial.

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Me at 12:30 in the afternoon: "Hey I wonder if I can check out some Android app repos and see if I can actually label elements
. I mean it can't be too hard right?"

Me at 5:00 in the evening: "Good night."

HELP! I need to know which GUI frameworks support accessibility and which ones don't, and to what degree each. Is there some kind of nice list or something? What are the best resources on accessibility in Free Software?

#Accessibility #a11y #FreeSoftware #GUI

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