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Okay, I've completed the migration of my blog to Gemini! I'll probably post more frequently now, since there's nothing between me, the text, and the output mode, just that same text, which is very liberating!


1. New VC-backed startup enters the scene
2. People flock to it
3. They discover it’s a surveillance capitalist (and still have no clue what that is)
4. They’re shocked (because, see 3)
5. It’s too late, they’re too big and they’ve exited
6. Goto 1



There's no grounds for murder.

In this alien universe, there's no ground at all.

"Forever Falls," a #free #scifi #mystery. Available everywhere, but here's some Amazons. - UK - US - DE

Scammer warning, fediblock 

ace @ chitter .xyz is back at it again. Do not donate to any requests for fundraising to the kofi account acestarr or the paypal account foxyart.

She got permabanned from twitter for transphobic, antisemitic, and ableist tantrums as well as copious suicide baiting, and now she's come to mastodon to try to grift from people here as well. She's a notorious scammer and a megathread of eveidence aginst her from various sources can be found at

I've tried presenting the evidence to chitter administration in the past but was written off because they don't want to deal with it, and in the process are putting their instance and many others at risk as she has been ousted from countless communities, my own discord server as well, for violently toxic behavior and extremely abusive and gaslighting fits whenever she doesn't get her way.

She claims she acknowledges she was toxic "in the past" but she was calling people "jewish rats" and throwing around the r-slur and lying about using money people gave her for food to get a new ipad a matter of weeks ago, and she continues to behave exactly the same way with no intention of changing.

Block her, warn others about her, and stay safe. Do not let this abuser prey on the generosity of people on the masto and bury other crowdfunding requests from people who actually, genuinely need it.

Hot on the heels of #Yourls 1.8, I've just released my updated Sqlite driver for it. It also has a contributed Podman/Docker image, so you can run an instance within minutes.

once upon a time i went to a farm an moo'd at the cow
and the cow moo'd back

@alcinnz Oh hey, you're the person developing Rhapsode right? I just found out about it like yesterday when browsing a list of Gemini clients. I'm trying to use it on Arch Linux, but cabal complains that it can't install the Base package for some reason. I'll have to look around and see what's going on with that. But I'm so glad you're working on this kind of thing!

You may have heard of #accessibe, an overlay that claims to make the web more accessible to screen reader users. I won't go into the details of what kind of scam this is, but be assured that you don't want this thing to interfere with your web experience if you're a screen reader user. Some good soul has now put up a page with instructions for various browsers and operating systems on how to block Accessibe from interfering woth your web experience. Go here: #noxp

Project of the weekend: Create an RSS feed of my Gemlog, and find out how to subscribe to Gemlogs through RSS and do that.

Fun little iOS #accessibility tip! Let’s say you have 2 text sizes that you tend to move between. You can make a Shortcut for each one and then map each Shortcut to a Back Tap gesture. Then you can super quickly and 1-handedly change text size!

how many years until firefox is just another chromium skin

One of the coolest and most accessible games I’ve ever seen! 🖤


Five years after launching Blackbox 1.0 from my bedroom (and then going out to get a burrito with friends) Blackbox 2.0 has finally arrived. 😭✨


Why is everyone always so interested in making extremely efficient tech incredibly inefficient? This is bonkers.

@devinprater @solene I just learned that @oppen's android client Ariane has a setting to hide preformatted blocks by default and display the alt text instead. Would be good to see this replicated in other clients.

We've also added alt descriptions for our various use of preformatted text, it's an important thing for accessibility.


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I updated 29 gemini texts of my blog to add alternative text in pre-formatted block.

This looks like this

```shell commands adding an user
sudo -i
adduser -m someuser

It works like Content Warning on Mastodon, some users using braille display or Text-To-Speech clients may not want to waste time on a log file or an ASCII art.

It is important to think about them. Gemini is a great opportunity for a better accessibility and we shouldn't waste it.

#gemini #a11y

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