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Okay, I've completed the migration of my blog to Gemini! I'll probably post more frequently now, since there's nothing between me, the text, and the output mode, just that same text, which is very liberating!


I'm moving to:

I will not be silenced. I will express all aspects of me. I don't care what is thought of the instance itself, I use my profile there as a platform for myself. Plus, Pluroma or however you spell it. I've been wanting to check that out for a while. Kinda cool. So yeah, find me there. Also, much less of a character limit. :)

Yeah i think i’m done with this. Can't post NSFW on public, because content warnings what’s that? Lol I’ve had it. I don’t have any more time for bull crap. This was supposed to be a safe space for me where I could open up and be myself. Lol but nope. Maybe I’ll make one of my own someday. But for now, I’m done. I’ve had it. Can't talk about feelings because oh my gosh see a theorpist! Can't talk about kinks because oh my gosh NSFW! Lol.

Okay now this /is/ kinky 

Mmm yeah my giant goddess, squish me with that huge belly of Yours.

*She leans down, her massive belly swinging like a pendulum*

Oh yes, so close I can almost touch it!

*With a soft, relieved sigh, she falls onto the bed, which creaks under her. The air rushes out of my lungs as I feel her weight upon me. I struggle to breathe, beginning to wiggle around. After a moment, she rolls off of me and we wrap our arms and legs around each other.*

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."

Ingrid Bergman
(08/29/1915 – 08/29/1982)
US actor ("Casablanca")
(was married to Roberto Rossellini, mother with him of Isabella Rossellini; died on her birthday)

so silly it's not even kinky 

What if Godzilla was fat? A giant, monsterous belly.

'can i have a $2000, mr president?'

president biden: two whole big ones? that's the price of a house! forget it, jack. when i was your age, i was shining shoes for 2 nickels a day and that was enough to arm me against corn pop and his bad dudes. listen,

president xi: sure thing, buddy. actually have three thousand. it's on me!

Spread this to black trans or non-binary people you know: the Marsha P. Johnson Institute is paying $500 directly to black trans or non-binary folks, with priority given to black trans women and those who have experience as sex workers or have been formerly incarcerated

words for sexual anatomy 

vagina_aliases = ["box", "pussy", "vertical smile", "bearded clam", "mung bean taco", "catchers mitt", "tuna taco", "hotbox", "gash", "flaps", "twat"]

Thanks to someone on Telegram for enlightening me. I'll never think of words the same again.

@penny Hello! I'm a very weird person that's blind, and someone told me to tell you that you're cute so I'm not sure what you look like but I'm sure you're cute. Oh gosh it's 2 in the morning and I may not be making sense. But its okay I'd rather make dollars than cents. :D So I can eat all the food.

Doing tech support for family Sucks.

Them: "You can fix it, right?"
Me: "explains the problem the best I can."
Them: "Well you can fix it right?"
Me: "Well sure, but you'll need to do this first, or you might just have to make a new account, or find that flash drive."
Them: "I thought you was in IT so you know about computers."
Me: "I work in AT."
Them: "Sounds the same to me."

Paraphrased and generalized of course, but it never fails to go in that direction when I can't get a thing right how they want it or without data loss that they caused by, say, copying symbolic links to files instead of the files themselves because Windows.

LaTeX is one of those things where I think "This has to be so much easier than desktop publishing. I can get what I want really quickly", and then realize that I have way more to learn before I can get anything that doesn't look like someone was learning CSS on my document.

Coincidentally this is also how my HTML documents look.

food, maybe arousing to some 

Just ate lots of icecream and hotdogs *deep, loud breathing* and I feel really good.

it's weird watching a AAA tv show ("Loki") like, "oh, that's the specific bad acting thing my hs acting teacher took points off for"

So far our main adjustment between IRL and VR is that we can't just throw empty bottles against the wall without consequence IRL

We have to place them in the recycling bin without shattering them, because broken glass /sucks/ to clean up.

kink stuff (butts) 

Massive, musky wolf butts


Computer repair trick of the trade 

If you're repairing someone's laptop and this screen pops up after logging in (normally after a feature update, I think), and you can't get past it because you only have their PIN to log in, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and reboot, and it doesn't appear again for a while x

Computer repair trick of the trade 

A similar trick to avoid entering Microsoft Accounts when first installing/resetting Windows 10 Home is to use the email address "" and anything as the password, this email address has been blocked and falls back to allowing you to enter details for an offline account x

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Yesterday I described how GCC's `pass_ira` optimization selects which registers to use in it's conflicts graph ("colours" it). Now how does that get merged back into the RTL intermediate language?

I'll finish off this megathread today describing the final stages of `pass_ira`, and maybe the next, related one.


With additional collections initialized it iterates over every loop. Foreach it might iterate the instructions to see where it needs to reanalyze dataflow.


OK, so presumably wherever you live a certain language is most commonly spoken, right?

Question for you.

What do you think is the *second* most commonly spoken language in your area?

Feel free to explain as much as you like. "Area" is also open to wide interpretation, whatever feels comfortable.

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