New blog post, about the "Be the Change you Wish to See" phrase.


Despite not coding, as a user who experiences FOSS output your feedback should be invaluable. Im sorry you've had crappy interactions and I hope we can help affect change. Keep sharing your experiences. I've only recently become aware of my own neglect to support accessibility in my own content and am working to fix that.

@lee Thank you so much. It's hard to keep going in the face of such disregard by the community at large, but maybe one day the people supporting accessibility will outnumber those that don't.

@devinprater "So yeah, I’ll be the change I want to see. But it may not be the change *they* want to see."
Love this and love you. 💙
We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone just because we're disabled. And we most certainly don't have to do their jobs so they can keep on not giving a shit.

@devinprater I can see a couple of ways you can start making a difference.

One: lobby for making software more accessible. Maybe write a How-To for project maintainers -- seeing people often are not aware of what they need to do. Or give a presentation at something like #fosstodon maybe.

Two: find a software project you like and that already is accessible and help them along. Test it, file bug reports, write or translate documentation.

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