I'm thinking about getting an Android phone, as... maybe... a replacement for my iPhone, but I'm not giving up the iPhone just getting another phone to see if I can live with Android nowadays. So, I looked at the Samsung S21 and... no headphone jack. But I want good performance from my phone.

So, like, if anyone has the A series or J series or something Samsung phones, what's it like? Is the performance good? Does it still have Dolby Atmos for headphones?

@devinprater Weirdly, I don't think the lack of a headphone jack would bother me these days: I have a nice little USB DAC that works perfectly with my Samsung phone and drives my headphones better than any built-in DAC in the phone could

@petrichor Oh, really? Does it connect like, is it a cable, or what? Because I'd have that thing in all the time and I don't want the wire to break through constant use like the Lightning to 3.5 MM connector did. And are there two USB C ports on the phone, or will I have to get some kind of splitter, or does the DAC have that already?

@devinprater Sort-of: it's a standard USB A plug so you need a USB A to C adaptor, but that's much cheaper to replace if it breaks! Only one USB C on mine, but it will charge wirelessly with the DAC plugged in, and works nicely with small USB C hubs/splitters too.

@petrichor Oh, even with the S21? I thought it came with a plastic back, so it couldn't be charged wirelessly.

@devinprater Ah, mine is an S9 and charges wirelessly, but it looks like the S21 also supports wireless charging.

I got the Samsung Tab A 510, 10.1" and I'm addicted to it. Although I don't know the sound quality on Samsung phones, I am happy to crash research it for you. My biggest problem is I have not figured out how to play my 50 GB of mp4's on Android. VLC is supposed to play them, but if it does I can't figure it out.

@MangoMamba Thanks. I'm with the Straight Talk carrier, and I'm looking more into the A52 and A72. These phones, even the S21 sound huge though, so I'm not sure like how big they are compared to the iPhone, I have the X R.

@devinprater IMO the Pixel 4A is the best bang-for-the-buck Android smartphone around, unless you need 5G. However, my heart is set on this thing which I think you'll enjoy!

@objectinspace Only thing is, Samsung phones have so many audio enhancement stuff, and a lot of other features. I doubt stock Android has all that.

@devinprater Probably not! There are some non-Samsung phones that do, I think some of the LG and Sony phones have atmos. But it's not a stock thing and usually the phones that have it also have a bunch of other things (which I try to avoid as they generally introduce accessibility problems) Just be sure whatever you get has custom roms you can flash to because you'll almost definitely end up doing that sooner or later.

@objectinspace Yeah, but Samsung is more committed to accessibility than others, ... well they say they are and all that. But I don't really want stock Android. I had a Pixel and found it... too plain. So yeah probably gonna get the A52.

@devinprater Samsung has to play nice with China, where Google is banned, so they have Google alternatives for everything. They acknowledge their accessibility responsibilities which puts them ahead of the other OEMs who extensively customize Android, but they also tend to do the most customization. So ehh. Anyways, I hope you like it when it comes!

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