So, I did it. I got a Windows 10 install USB drive, popped it in my laptop, restarted it, pressing F12, with an app on my phone doing live OCR to see when the boot manager pops up. I then pressed Down arrow several times, then Enter. I waited a while, pressed Control + Windows + Enter, and Narrator popped up to help me install Windows. Then, on the OOB (out of box) setup screen, Cortana greeted me, even telling me that if I need a screen reader, to press Control + Windows + Enter to turn on Narrator. I was able to set things up, install Chocolatey (package manager), and get a basic setup in about 30 minutes. And it's fast, smooth, and easily accessible! Also, the most accessible desktop GUI Gemini client is on Windows, so that helps too!

@devinprater Ooo I never knew Narrator was available during the first stage of Windows setup, that's both unexpected and fantastic

@Shrigglepuss Yeah, they added that like, a year ago? Something like that. I'm probably gonna just keep this on release builds, unless something crazy good accessibility-wise comes out. I'll still maybe do WSL and stuff though, and see if I can get BeeWare working on this, install Python3.8... wonder if I can have multiple Python versions at once...

@devinprater Probably safer to stick with release builds if it works, no point adding extra risk imo

@devinprater @Shrigglepuss
At least on linux you can have multiple python versions, I don't know about windows though, but I guess it should likely be possible?

@storydragon @devinprater I don't know anything about it on Windows but I'd be very shocked if it can't run multiple versions somehow

@Shrigglepuss @storydragon @devinprater is what I used in the past to get multiple #Python versions on #Windows.

An alternative could be pyenv which looks useful, but I haven't tested that myself yet. Looks like you'd need pyenv-win on Windows though.

@devinprater I lost most use of my hands for a time due to joint problems - I could still use them, but it was very painful and aggravated my condition so I chose to do so as little as possible - and I found Window’s built in voice control options were much superior to Linux.

It makes me sad, because FOSS should be for everyone. But the reality is that there’s a long way to go, and as long as the FOSS community refuses to accept the problem, the cart will only go backwards. :(


I really appreciate your detailed critiques here, being specific about what doesn't work and what does.

It's been sad to see some of the shoot-the-messenger type responses you've gotten, especially since we can learn very little from another option that must be very appealing, not exposing oneself but just ghosting away silently.

@devinprater serious question, why did you go through the boot manager?

@weirdwriter Oh, well, because if I didn't, it'd just pop back into Linux.

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