@storm @lorabe @danielst @devinprater @wizzwizz4 @csepp @pvagner I just donated 50 USD to https://puri.sm/fund-your-app/ to fund "Software Optimizations: Accessibility support/screen reader support with phosh/gtk4" @purism I think we need to find ways to fund a11y support in gtk4, sticking with older unsupported versions is not going to be sustainable for long term.

@storm @lorabe @danielst @devinprater @wizzwizz4 @csepp @pvagner @purism I just talked to someone at Purism and they are positive about supporting it as it aligns with their goals. They are asking me for a list of priorities. I suggested screen reader, but if you all, who needs this more than me, can create a prioritized list of accessibility features, then I can share it with them.

@praveen @storm @lorabe @danielst @devinprater @wizzwizz4 @csepp In relation to @purism #librem5 The most prominent and difficult to implement feature would be #accessibility aware touch input support. In order to be productive we need to be able to explore the screen content before activating touch controls.

@pvagner @praveen @storm @lorabe @danielst @devinprater @csepp @purism What would the UI for that be like? "Single tap reads, double tap activates"? (Would there be a clicking noise when you tap something, or does it just read straight away?)

From what I can tell, the stuff I've described wouldn't be that hard to implement, assuming a correct AT-SPI2 implementation in the application. In Firefox, you'd be able to "see through walls" (be told about things in hidden tabs) until that bug is fixed.

@wizzwizz4 @praveen @storm @lorabe @danielst @devinprater @csepp @purism Single tap / touch / hover would read what's under the finger if there is enough text / accessibility support within the underlying control. Double tap should activate. There should be also a way to assign other touch gestures to screen reader actions such as text review commands

@pvagner @praveen @wizzwizz4 @storm @lorabe @devinprater @csepp @purism
(1/4) While Purism is overwhelmed, understaffed and underfunded, I could actually imagine that GTK4 makes a11y simpler in the long run. Why? Purism created libhandy, now libadwaita in GTK4, providing consistent, complex, advanced, themeable controls, automatically adapting whole dialogs between mobile and desktop form factors.

@pvagner @praveen @wizzwizz4 @storm @lorabe @devinprater @csepp @purism
(2/4) libadwaita controls know about their state, e.g. settings dialog knows it's currently in the WiFi sub-dialog, even if the menu is hidden on mobile. Apps using those controls automatically benefit from all improvements there, be it default gestures or screen reader integration.

@pvagner @praveen @wizzwizz4 @storm @lorabe @devinprater @csepp @purism
(3/4) Question: Is one-tap-read-two-click really a good approach? It implies you have to tap around a lot to find stuff. With libadwaita it should be possible to do something like "read out top level items". For gnome-settings, in desktop mode it would read "menu" and "content: WiFi", indicating that WiFi is the selected menu item.

@danielst @pvagner @praveen @wizzwizz4 @storm @lorabe @csepp @purism For this, usually one can slide their finger around the screen, to explore otheR items. So, this is "exploring" the screen by touch.

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