Hate knowing that I should know something but I'm blanking on it. Easy shit too. Fuck this brain fog.

@winduptoy So I'm trying to run lichen but my tech skill level is basically "follow instructions" - I uploaded the files, put my lichen.htpasswd in /protected, and I get a 500 error when I log in. Not sure where to go from there though. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but I don't know what to check. Can you point me to some kind of Obvious Answers For People Who Haven't Done This Since 2007? Or am I just not the target audience? ;D

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Since we're all excited about the image of Sagittarius A*, here's a different view of the central regions of our galaxy.

In January the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa released a stunning radio dataset. In the image below I colorised it using what we call spectral index, which tells us what causes this radio emission, like electrons accelerated by magnetic fields.

Sgr A* would be an tiny spec at the center of this image.

More info: https://www.sarao.ac.za/media-releases/new-meerkat-radio-image-reveals-complex-heart-of-the-milky-way/

#astronomy #astrophotography

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Be a guard for those who are protectorless, a guide for those who journey on the road.
For those who wish to cross the water, be a boat, a raft, a bridge.

— Śāntideva

#dharma #buddhism

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Ive been working with and around computers for 35+ years and the promise of the system that will help you as a ‘second brain’ or ‘augment your human intellect’ is sadly a fantasy. I would dearly love it for me to finally stumble across such a system but unfortunately I have some grave misgivings about the effects of external computation devices on the brain.

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child death, but positive news? still a very heavy topic but it's a good development 


My husband is a pharmacist and pointed out that this also impacts the ability of doctors to safely anesthetize some patients, because sometimes they need to use a paralytic and if they can test for this enzyme they can have a much better chance of predicting how well their patient will recover

but also


I hope this brings some small measure of peace to parents blaming themself for the loss of an infant to SIDS. Because it wasn't that the mattress was wrong or there was a blanket nearby or whatever whatever because blankets don't fuck up obscure baby brain enzymes

it's a fucking enzyme thing

And I read this research was at least partially crowdfunded too, so we can maybe add another tally to the Seizing The Means Of Research Production victory column.


cw injury 

So far the most painful thing about the broken shoulder is when I have an instinctive reaction like trying to catch something I fumbled, and the most annoying is not being able to type with both hands.

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"Every time you feel lost, alienated, or cut off from life, or from the world, every time you feel despair, anger, or instability, practice going home.

Mindful breathing is the vehicle that you use to go back to your true home."

— Thich Nhat Hanh

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Typing up a few paragraphs one handed because I refuse to give up my streak. I sort of worry if I stop we won't start again and tandem writing has been really good for my relationship. XD

It's hailing again in Portland. Just the cap on my day.

CW injury 

Aaaaaand I broke my shoulder. Dr started with "if you have to break your arm that's the best place to do it" and I burst out laughing. I have heard that so many times at this point. Best cancer situation. Best brain tumor situation. It being a broken arm is like, the best possible best possible painful thing.

So for Mother's Day my mom will get to deal with that, even though he's not her dad, because the men in my family are incredibly avoidant.

CW death 

It's weird when you've known someone is dying for a while and then you finally get the phone call but you've been putting off feeling anything or thinking anything about it for so long that you don't know where you put the feelings and you're just kinda numb.

So anyway my mom called to let me know my last grandparent, my Poppy, passed away this morning. Not that I'm able to go home for the funeral or anything, so I guess it doesn't matter much when I feel anything.

Is there a good way to automatically share my blog posts here? The only way I've found is via micro.blog and requires a paid account, which seems a little silly.

Though I guess maybe reblogging my blog posts here is inherently silly.

I am well enough to sit upright and get yelled at today, hooray!

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When you make something and save it and close the software but weren't paying attention to where it saved so you have to open the software and 'open recent' and save it again to see where it saves

@kensanata Please add me to Fantasy, LGBTQI, Pagan, Parenting, Tarot, Witchcraft, Writing.

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This “people can’t keep working in their pajamas” shit is not only completely tone-deaf but insidiously offensive

The people who have multiple houses, private jets, no-limit company cards, yachts, and penthouse suites want is to believe that PAJAMAS are a decadent luxury that is simply beyond the pale

Fuuuuuuuck you

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