Lost my fucking wallet on the bus last night. Annoyed at myself. I just got a new planner that fit in the wallet and I was so pleased I'd finally found something that worked.

In case anyone was wondering how the sleep sack worked out: I tried it and liked it okay, but then I let my kid borrow it when she didn't have her blankie, and it kept her from sleepwalking, so now it's hers and not getting woken up by Creepy Silent Shining Child is worth every penny.

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I'm vaguely aware my spouse is doing a phone survey and suddenly I hear "Very, VERY unfavorable. I would rather stab myself in the eye than vote for a Republican at this point."

I don't usually share these but just this once I'm going to: I solved today's Redactle (#133) in 1 guesses with an accuracy of 100.00%. Played at redactle.com/

I need a new to do system as my adhd-addled brain has stopped processing my current one as existing. Todoist can no longer do. Open to suggestions that are not "try harder".

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a polish word for "deadname" is "nekronim" (literally "necronym") and that sounds metal af imo

Dreamed last night that I was at a Disney PR event where someone was explaining that they couldn't animate Discworld because no one could agree on whether Carrot could be a Disney princess.

They're reading A Little Princess now, and I can keep track of where they are in the story from the other room because Bug just started sobbing.

I'm not close to my parents. Not physically, and not emotionally. Sometimes I think it would be nice if I was the kind of person who wanted to be, in the same way I sometimes think it would be nice if could just go to a Christian church and be satisfied.

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After the last time I saw my grandmother, my spouse told me that I talk differently when I'm talking to her than I do even with my parents. I got trained out of the local accent when I took acting lessons in middle school; I guess she was the only one I wasn't acting with. I didn't even notice.

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My mom messaged me this morning as the charity folks finished cleaning out my grandparents' house. I talked to her some while I was getting ready for work. They were her in-laws but she was closer to them than her own parents.

Somehow despite having worked at bookstores that bought and sold used books, I still feel hella anxious getting in line at a sale counter. Talk about the mortifying ordeal of being known!

My spouse recently finished reading Anne of Green Gables to our kid (I sobbed when Matthew died because I always do) and they were talking about what happens in the later books. My spouse mentioned Anne marries someone and my kid was like "Diana?"

Nice to know the text supports that as much as I've always thought it does.

I particularly enjoyed the sidebar argument about emotional support animal paperwork despite the fact that we all agree and acknowledge ESAs are allowed.

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now we're arguing about who actually has the power to change the bylaws. good times.

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Apparently about half the people here moved in BECAUSE animals were not allowed, which, honestly, blows my mind, but I guess it takes all kinds.

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now we are once again debating whether to allow pets.

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someone just suggested we address the high water bill by inspecting the toilets in each unit. seriously.

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we're discussing replacing the carpets. we've been replacing the carpets since before we moved in three years ago. we have always been replacing the carpets.

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