Enforced pronunciation dictionaries in VoiceOver 

Can I just complain once again about enforced pronunciation dictionaries in TTS systems?

I speak a language (Catalan) that is not supported by TTS on Apple systems, even though there ARE Vocalizer Catalan voices. Therefore, I use Spanish TTS, which sounds extremely wrong but I can at least understand. Mostly.

Some Catalan words happen to be spelled the same as words in other languages which are more important to some rando APple engineer. Therefore, the weak pronoun "et" is read as "e", because French. The preposition "sense" is read as "sens", also because French. I (and) in the beginning of sentences is sometimes read as "Ai", because English. The direct object pronoun "ho" is read as "jo", NO IDEA WHY.

I cannot disable these. Nobody can. Apple keeps adding new ones that break existing words. I am so tired of this. So very tired of this pseudocorrect pronunciation being enforced on me.

Enforced pronunciation dictionaries in VoiceOver 

The thing is, this also happens in Spanish. They keep adding and removing words that are just completely wrong. On Mac OS, "case" from the verb "casar" is read as "keis". "Mean" from "mear" used to be read as "min". These are literal Spanish words and they take so, so long to realize they've fucked up. These dictionaries aren't even shipped with OS updates, they seem to appear on my iPhone out of the blue with no explanation whatsoever.


Enforced pronunciation dictionaries in VoiceOver 

Never mind the abbreviation mess. 1kg is now read, literally, as "1 EXPANSION O F KG). With the Spanish voice. Nothing makes sense anymore. And all I can really do is wait and hope they realize.

Thankfully I know what an exception dictionary is, and I know why these things happen. Many users do not, should not have to care about why their phone is saying words completely wrong.

Enforced pronunciation dictionaries in VoiceOver 

I know a lot of these pronunciation exceptions are created with Siri in mind, so that people can find a Paramore song and have Siri actually say "páramor". That's fine, I honestly don't care, but leave screenreaders out of it, or at least make it a togglable setting for them. I want to hear what's on the screen, not a pseudoanglicized representation based on what John Appleseed thinks are the most common 1000 English words in the latest albums by top artists.

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