So like... The Spanish DNI Electrónico (electronic ID card). It's this wonderful system where your ID card is actually a Smartcard that lets you do all your paperwork online and supposedly Just Works (TM). In actuality I basically sat there for about 45 minutes trying to get my certificate to log into my city's town hall system. Had to install two different Java apps that supposedly do... Something. None of the sites taht use this DNIE actually managed to contact these apps which contact my reader which reads my smartcard. On four different browsers. My first impulse is to assume it's user error on my part, but basically everyone I ask has had to fight tooth and nail to get this system to work. So essentially all the time you would save by not going to wherever the heck your paperwork is supposed to be handled, you lose by figuring out how to make these things communicate with each other. Anyway I haven't felt this dumb in a while.

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