Well, i had to downgrade to tusky stable after a beta update broke it last night. That is why it isnt a stable release. Problems can and do crop up in beta software forcing the user to take action. However, the devs get to see how new features are working in the real world and users get to try out new features first.

Hey @talon are you going to make dragonscave available on ipv6? When i ping the site i get a response but ping6 says unknown host

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There is no other feeling like the one you have when - in the middle of the night, while everyone else is sleeping, sitting in the dimly lit basement in front of the radio - you hear a station located on an exotic island thousands of kilometers away finally say your call sign and then you press PTT to share the frequency with a stranger who shares the same passion with you. #hamradio

@bandconditions . I upgraded to tusky 15.0 beta1-0e51953c from the tusky test f-droid repo. I found that upon opening the app it would hang on the logo and not start and show my timelines. I cleared cache and data and the app brings me to the instance login screen but when i click to authirize the app it asks me "which Instance?" again

Just heard my first severe weather alert. It was on 650 WSM out of Nashville, TN. I heard it about 400 miles away.

So, maybe someone on here can give me an idea. I have T-Mobile Home Internet and at random times my net access just drops. Using custom DNS seems to help. Also when the internet wont load i can open my VPN app and connect to it just fine. Once i am connected to the VPN my stuff loads fine. I think its either DNS issues or the possibility of bad or broken routes. Boosts and ideas would be most welcome.

@talon are you upgrading to the latest hometown at the same time or staying on this version?

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Looking forward to @talon moving us to a new server this weekend. I guess the instance went down earlier this week. It happened while i was catching some Z's so the only thing different for me was a lack of toots in my home tl the next morning when i pulled up tusky

@tulpa with how many toots you send lut about pigs maybe you should trade hog futures.

Man, i have like 3GB of on my phone and its so nice, i have tons of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Camilla Cabello, Halsey, Anne-Marie, JoJo, and others. Hell yeah. Also some comfy $19 USB-C headphones!

If things stay similar to the way they are now i am going to do well with my Apple call options today. My thanks to everyone who purchased hardware or software last quarter. You may have just made me some serious cash.

I feel much better. I gave myself a haircut and took a bubble bath. I didnt have bubble soap so i used one of those 3-in-1 mens body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to make my bubbles.

Dear Apple,

Why wont your stock go up in price? Im trying to use your stock to make some $$ but my option doesnt work if u stay flat.

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I'm really horrified at the amount of racist content I get on Twitter these days. It's all "white dudes this", "white dudes that". People posting those kinds of tweets claim to fight for social justice while being as racist as the people they despise.

Do people in power often behave wrongly? Yes, absolutely yes. Are the people in power often white? Also yes. This shouldn't be an excuse for being racist, though, just as higher crime rates in black communities aren't.

I feel like America needs to step back a little and re-examine their beliefs. Europe seems to be much better on that front.

there. I just paid my life insurance bill for a year. It was going to be due in august. Not any more. I think i will try to pay another year in June or July to extend it out even further.

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