Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? or
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Don't forget, folks, the report tool is one still one of the most powerful tools to get the attention of a moderator.

You can also use the report function in DMs. Unsavoury messages? Block and report.

Don't let folks scare you away. You're allowed to be here, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mh, language 

Today is a meh day. I dont often get them but once in a while. So, fuck today. It needs to go get shit on in its grave

Playing with for the first time. Pros seem to be e2e with no phone # like signal. Also, being able to use it from any platform. Cons are who the hell is on yet another IM client. I can only think of about 6 right off the top of my head


I am making baked potatos. Why? Because i can. Also, they are whistling. I may not have poked them enough times.

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My attempt to use Windows as a daily OS lasted like 2 days before I just jumped back to Linux.

Random flickers, the terribad update mechanism (that requires you to restart, like c'mon), and my CPU being noticeably louder due to the extra stuff that's running in the background. Just the usual Windows stuff.

I wish would let you lock cellular bands and choose which wifi band to scan in the networks list. Since i live in an apartment building tons of networks show up. If i could tell my phone to scan 5ghz only the list would shorten quite a bit. Either that or wifi signals less than say 50% are not shown unless you click a more button. Also, i would have no idea where to submit a request like that on AOSP github. To many sub projects going on their.

@Tusky seems like its not just cw toots and its been this way since v9. I am running v12.1 now.

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@Tusky what causes talkback to not recognize there are actions on CW toots? Sometimes it works fine and others it hust gives me my navigation controls like headings, characters, words, etc

Stereotypes, gay mention 

A guy i know sent me a vid of a record playing last night after having fixed the player. I said that was neat and mentioned that i found Ariana Grande on vinyl and i thought it was cool. His response was "I'm not gay but if I were". So, i gather i cant listen to her because i am not gay. Well, i listen to her, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and i enjoy them. So, there.

Good morning all. I discovered last night that i could get Ariana Grande on vinyl. Mind you i dont have a player either.

I just finished reading the BLIND, Inc newsletter. As a graduate I really do believe in what this organization is doing. Have a read for yourself and if you can I know they would greatly appreciate a donation of any size from anyone. If you cant donate monetarily please consider boosting this to your followers.


Us pol 

AT&T is possibly selling CNN. what if somebody like Rush Limbaugh bought it? The "journalists" would have a heart attack

Us pol 

We are no longer the United States of America we are the Divided States of America. We are going to have Civil War II and its going to be Right vs Left. First we are going to have mass shootings at rallies and protests.

Ha! T-Mobile is starting to put up LTE band 41 and 5G NR 41 in my area. Faster home internet speeds here we come

Are you watching the crew-1 launch? 

It will be out of this world

Here is a tip. Dont let it go dead if you wish to use the radio. It takes a lot to keep it running. If you want to use the light thats fine. But the radio, nope

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