Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? or
Boosts appreciated

@n0btc Matrix is good for collaboration, but I prefer XMPP for instant messaging. There's just something about the latter that feels faster on the client side.

Also, sometimes nothing quite beats good old IRC.

@sean @n0btc xmpp is extremely efficient and reliable with omemo encryption

@fatboy @sean @n0btc I like the lightness of XMPP but my experience in configurating them has revealed matrix as easier. Although is a high resource consumer...
@n0btc Discord is still the only good one with users I like tbh.
@n0btc i've been thinking about setting up a matrix server of my own but nothing seems as comfy as ejabberd
@mewmew @fenix @n0btc I really do like XMPP for one-on-one but for MUCs I still like IRC because I have issues :meowsip:
@Polychrome @fenix @n0btc XMPP is ok for one-on-one but is terrible for groups. Matrix is IRC before EFNet
@am @mewmew @fenix @n0btc I just wish anything in the FOSS chat space was good~
@allison @am @fenix @n0btc Matrix will eventually be good but XMPP will be forever bad - shigeru miyamoto, or something
@mewmew @am @fenix @n0btc "Matrix will eventually be good"
Sincerely, press X to doubt
@fenix @allison @mewmew @n0btc it stored chats as emails and worked on all platforms and was interoperable, lightweight, to the point. The only chat logs I have left are bc of that “fall back to imap” strategy. Many good decisions.

@mewmew @allison @fenix @am @n0btc why would XMPP be forever Bad? Because there is no single company with a lot of venture capital behind it?

@am @allison @fenix @n0btc @mewmew yeah and it's developing rapidly especially in the last time when Matrix moved into the game... I think it would be far more easy to solve the problems XMPP has than make something usable and comparable fast, easy to scale etc out of Matrix

@jr @am @fenix @n0btc @mewmew While this is technically true, it says way more about Matrix than it does about XMPP.
@jr @mewmew @fenix @am @n0btc I'm saying XMPP is bad and Matrix is worse, and that neither of those are liable to change any time soon.
@am @mewmew @allison @icedquinn @jr @n0btc pleroma chat is pretty alright for what it is, but I prefer XMPP because of client availability. Pleroma chat doesn't work on obscure older smartphones and tablets desu
@allison @jr @am @fenix @mewmew @n0btc bad and worse are bad and worse, but i use the bad things all the times, like i ate bad mcdonald dinner today and smoked bad cigarette and called my bad grandpa >:~0

ex: maybe matrix is slow bloat etc, i have cheap computer, i still don't a slow bloat .problem?
@wish @am @fenix @jr @mewmew @n0btc >implying I haven't been using IRC since 2013
Get better bait, please
@wish @am @fenix @jr @mewmew @n0btc Will be 22 in a hot minute. IRC was the first chat program I ever used and in all likelihood it will be the last as well~
@mewmew @n0btc Matrix seems way more complex to configure as a server to me though. Maybe I'm just a boomer and don't realize it
@fenix @n0btc it was much simpler for me than XMPP actually, if you'd like some help with it just bother me
@mewmew @n0btc I probably will sometime x3 I'm confused with how to run it on the same subdomain as this through nginx, or on a seperate duckdns subdomain. Idk my config is pretty hacky as it is
@mewmew @n0btc see I've never done stuff of this scale before, just getting XMPP working was a big enough feat for me, and I've still been meaning to switch my database for it over to postgres but putting it off because right now it's working just fine. This is also my first real experiment with Nginx, every other "server" i had growing up ran Apache but everyone is showing me how much better Nginx is for some things and I'm just like *pikachuface*

Xmpp is just too fragmented for me.

For groups matrix seems to be actually built for them.
Private messaging I wouldnt go less than p2p like tox or Jami or briar.

Now if only we could have the groups in p2p too 🤔

@dazinism @n0btc

I use it with friends but sadly it is not used for groups yet. By communities that is.

IRC, only to save the remaining communities from fragmenting

Depends on the crowd.
Telegram or Signal for less technical people
IRC for more technical people who like old school chatrooms.

@n0btc IRC.
I doesn't have much features, but the features it has are rock solid.

@n0btc xmpp! Its an open standard anyone can contribute to.

@n0btc I'm a #Jabber / #XMPP user. Daily users for the last 3 years. #Conversations on #Android and #Dino on Linux. I run a server for friends and family, it's super reliable. Only problem I had in those 3 years was Let's Encrypt related. The server never needed any attention whatsoever.

@n0btc I tend to just use Telegram, it's not ideal but it's easy to get to grips with and it's vastly more widely used than Matrix or XMPP while still being FOSS

@n0btc XMPP by far, the client situation on mobile is just heaps better (on desktop they're about as shitty as each other in different ways)
@allison @js @n0btc No, it's a "people" problem. People buying apple toys.
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