Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? or
Boosts appreciated

@n0btc XMPP by far, the client situation on mobile is just heaps better (on desktop they're about as shitty as each other in different ways)

@allison @n0btc Nope, it actually is an XMPP problem. It’s because of its connection oriented nature. Matrix works perfectly on iOS.

@js @n0btc If an operating system gates what kinds of protocols I can use on it, that's a bug, not a feature.

@allison @n0btc It does not gate which protocols you can use. It gates battery usage and does not allow keeping TCP connections open while the app is not running.

@js @n0btc >does not allow keeping TCP connections open
i.e. it gates protocol usage and user freedom full stop
I don't care what the rationalizations are, but a phone which doesn't even let me put MP3s on it properly without a sync application is of little more use to me than a paperweight.

@allison @n0btc Install an MP3 player and just upload via WiFi? Or, of course, you can also make your life harder for absolutely no reason ;).

@js @allison @n0btc > you can also make your life harder for absolutely no reason

what, by using Apple products?

(sorry :blobcatgiggle2:)

@js @allison @n0btc anyway uh. both of you are right here. iOS sucks. XMPP sucks. both of them together really suck

@mewmew @allison @n0btc Yep. Mobile OSes suck. All of them. It’s about picking the one that sucks less. And there’s not really much of a difference as they all suck.

@js @mewmew @n0btc I'll pick the one that lets me run newpipe, conversations and husky. Everything else, even the browser, is window dressing compared to those three apps

@allison @mewmew @n0btc I’m very happy with Element iOS, Toot!, Apollo, Tweetbot and many others ;).

@js @mewmew @n0btc You're also a literal rockefeller by my standards so you can afford paying for all that. I can't. Setting aside my new laptop ($550 a month ago), the newest pieces of gear I personally own are (in reverse chronological order) my LG V20, my ThinkPad X200, my MacPro2,1, and then you get out to the woods with a lot of non x86 stuff. I have to maintain and repair all of that on NEET incomes for reasons I don't wish to get into here. Something like an iPhone is obscenely, unjustifiably expensive to me compared to the medicines I need to actually feel that life is worth living

@allison @mewmew @js @ebihara just my 2 cents. I hate IOS it feels like it is telling me what i am and am not allowed to do with a device i paid for. Havent owned an iphone since the 3GS. Even then i wouldnt upgrade until i could untethered jailbreak it. I went to android when 4.2 came out and magnification was added to the OS and have never looked back. I run pixel phones with custom roms that remove all hoogle services and i enjoy it. I get my updates and my phone works with the FOSS software i load from fdroid

@n0btc @allison @mewmew @ebihara iPhones have gotten a lot better since and allow way more then back then. iOS 4 and iOS 14 is really no comparison at all. If you compare to iOS 4, that’s of courses a very clear outcome. This was years before Apple opened things up a little.

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