Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? or
Boosts appreciated

@n0btc XMPP by far, the client situation on mobile is just heaps better (on desktop they're about as shitty as each other in different ways)

@allison @n0btc Nope, it actually is an XMPP problem. It’s because of its connection oriented nature. Matrix works perfectly on iOS.

@js @n0btc If an operating system gates what kinds of protocols I can use on it, that's a bug, not a feature.

@allison @n0btc It does not gate which protocols you can use. It gates battery usage and does not allow keeping TCP connections open while the app is not running.

@js @n0btc >does not allow keeping TCP connections open
i.e. it gates protocol usage and user freedom full stop
I don't care what the rationalizations are, but a phone which doesn't even let me put MP3s on it properly without a sync application is of little more use to me than a paperweight.

@allison @n0btc Install an MP3 player and just upload via WiFi? Or, of course, you can also make your life harder for absolutely no reason ;).

@js @n0btc "life harder" my experience has been just the opposite. I use Linux and Android because they work and they're the easiest solutions for me, full stop.

@allison @n0btc I can’t stand Android. I tried for 9 months and could not get rid of it fast enough.

@js @allison @n0btc I think there's an app overkill on android, there's also a slightly higher potential for viral infection, but this can be offset by running a security focused rom. clearly iPhone is more usable as of a long time ago, but basic things are confusing and convoluted in their recent UX decisions, and android has caught up since 6/7 and now we're at version 10. The security benefits of running a custom rom heavily outweigh the benefits of a "seamless experience" for me and prove more secure than iOS. May I ask, was your phone Samsung or some other big producer? Those phones tend to have very broken experiences.. Was it as much as your iphone? I had the nexus 6p and it was the best phone I've ever touched, that was half the iphone at the time and had a much better camera than iphone does (the colors were much more realistic than on the iphone, much more true to life, and it had a slightly higher sharpness to fully-focused images plus the AI whatever they used to keep the camera in focus worked while I used it)

@js @coyote @allison i loved my Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 XL, and Pixel 3a XL. I did hear that the Nexus 5X wasnt great though

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