My roommate and i are fighting about which is the proper way to eat a bowl of cereal. Boosts appreciated.

@n0btc Boosted! Also, only barbarians eat cereal without milk.

@wswartzendruber @n0btc
How to eat cereal
... with a spoon
... with the family
... while reading the news
... at the breakfast table

Don't forget the milk. ☝️

@n0btc it depends on the cereal.

I eat cornflakes dry, and have in the past eaten almost everything dry including weatabix, but I'd probably not do that now...

@n0btc With milk! A vegan milk replacement works well too. Maybe yogurt, if there isn't any milk at home. But definitely not try. Madness!
OK fine, I guess I can see myself eating it dry as a snack if nothing else is available and I need something crunchy. But nah, probably not even then. Cereal just isn't as good without milk.

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