Hey fediverse. I found this great client on @fdroidorg the other day. I decided to support it with a donation and ask if you can too. Boosts would be most welcome too.


@Pep0ni i think we are talking different things. What is working but broken?

Looks like may be down. I tried to load it and get nothing but an error. Downdetector seems to suggest it is too.

@Pep0ni it works, but its missing real system integration. Such as getting rid of the address bar and other browser controls, notifications, add to homescreen, etc.

@Pep0ni the fact that chrome is the best option on android is sad. What if i want to use a PWA in DuckDuckGo browser. Its not the same at all.

Wtf matrix. You tell me that some messages havent sent but i cant find whic ones.


@tulpa and what happens when the rich have the same ammount of money as the rest of us? Who will we tax then? Or will we all collectively starve to death?

Installing 21.04 on my raspberry pi 4. Its the beta but the final is supposed to be released on the 22nd. I doubt i will find major bugs at this point.

Today i bought a TMUS $150 / $160 call debit leap expiring in Jan 2022. If i am wrong the most i can loose is $211. That is an acceptable risk.

It a bright, sunny, and chilly day. I am going to get a 10 meter alf wave antenna and hopefully get my ass back on HF in time for summer sporadic E season. If that doesnt work i have my eye on a Radiowavz EFH10 which is a mono-band end-fed half wave.

Idk what happened but something made the stuff on the bottom shelf of my fridge sticky. A quick wipe down fixed it and i am now washing my fridge down.

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If you think Mastodon should require captions or at least require explicitly opting out of posting a caption when posting images and videos, please add a 👍 reaction to this issue on GitHub and boost this post.

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Since some folks are on instances that unfortunately suspend Fosstodon, and so won't see my last boost, I'm going to repost this myself as well. For those that can, please boost the original toot instead:
Be has just added an issue on Github suggesting that the captioning functionality on Mastodon should become more visible, to encourage more people to use it. Be also suggested making them opt-out, meaning people would get warned when posting uncaptioned images, but given the large amount of people on here who are honestly not capable of describing, I'd only support such a feature if the warnings were easy to turn off in the preferences. I definitely don't want anyone to feel guilty for being disabled ... :ms_worried:
Here is the issue; please thumb up and comment!

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They say AI is going to revolutionize the world, and yet Google still needs my help identifying fire hydrants on a daily basis.

All the folks out there. I have a question. I often listen to kcjj at 1000 watts from ~325 miles away with a Terk AM Advantage loop antenna. The antenna has a 3.5mm jack for connecting to radios that have terminals for AM. I have a ~15 foot shortwave antenna wire that has a 3.5mm jack at one end as well. I tried laying out the wire on the ground and plugged it into the terk. My question is will this help or not? It seems to help with signal fade but it could be placebo. .

Coinbase is supposed to have its debut tomorrow. I think i will buy a share to get some bitcoin exposure in my portfolio.

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