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Hmmm... Should i listen to the super bowl on AM tomorrow or on its FM translator. Idk

I need some help from you wonderful people. I need a new launcher that i can get on @fdroidorg. i need it to be able to backup/restore my homescreen layout without issues. I tried lawnchair but it fails to restore and hasnt been updated since 2019. Any suggestions?

Had a YL on TGIF this morning. Dont hear many of those.

I hate that i can only have 5 tabs on @Tusky. i have Home, Notifications, Local, Direct Messages, and a list. The problem is now i have no access to the federated timeline... Grrrrr

Dating, feminism, data privacy 

Dating in today's world seems like a terrifying experience. You have very vocal "I don't need no man" feminists for one. I know not all women are like that but they seem to be louder than before. Then you have introverts like myself who are horribly out of place in bars, clubs, parties, or public places in general. Finally there are no online dating platforms that seem like they would not sell all that personal information to the highest bidder. Facebook dating, yeah right.

We got like 5 inches of snow last night and today. ❄❄❄

I figure i should give ppl a chance to know me better. So, what the heck, AMA. NOTE: i reserve the right not to answer. Keep it appropriate or DM. Thanks @dockers for the idea

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A ham radio guy i know found two funny road signs. First one said "Turn signals, the original instant messenger" and thse second one said "drive hammered, get nailed"

Well, i can pretty much expect 20mbps from my T-Mobile LTE home internet on average. My old ISP gave me 25mbps but came with a 500gb data cap for the same price. I dont use anywhere near 500gb but that combined with the fact that i now have a choice between ISPs and with a company i believe in made my mind up. And once i get the new 5G gateway i suspect my speeds will go even higher. Thats my opinion after almost 4 months. It is most definitely worth at least trying if you are unhappy with your home internet.

just completed a launch of a Falcon 9 carrying 143 satellites into orbit. They recovered the booster for a 5th time too!

Listening to America Top 40 on this cold Saturday morning. At least i have plenty of blankets

Thats not terrible. If we lost m.s we would loose ~12.3% of all registered users. That would be a blow but not a devastating loss.

Helping to administer a network is hard work. With talkgroup assignments especially. Ugh

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#introduction I'm a recording engineer also Fender and Taylor guitars tech. Kinda new on hamradio, but have been involved in antenna design form many years, as a hobby, helping fellow hams. I love stuff with tubes, but on the other hand I really enjoy programing and tweaking things like hotspots or dmr radios.

Hey @ConnyDuck could we have an option for a compact view for notifications? That way more could fit on the screen and you just tap to view more and reply etc? Maybe like 3 lines per notification

I wonder how many silent followers mastodon users have because of RSS. They obviously cant see CW posts and i think followers-only as well.

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2019 - avoid negative people
2020 - avoid positive people
2021 - avoid people

@ConnyDuck why not remove the "CLEAR" and "FILTER" bar from the notifications and put a trash can icon and a 3 lines widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom to save more room in the UI on @Tusky? None of the timeline feeds have a bar like that and it seems a bit jarring. They could be placed to the left of the search icon perhaps.

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