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Ready to see us failing again? In about 4 hours, join us as we attempt to Slay the Spire!

After a brief break, we'll be back this evening to wrap up Episode 3 of COde 7!

Ready for coding more sevens? Join us today in 6 hours to do just that! It is going to be grand! Fantastic! Marvelous! Gorgeous! beautiful! The best code 7 we've ever streamed!

After a bit of a delay I think we're ready to Code some more 7!

Now that The Last of Us hipe has died down a bit, this evening we'll be picking up where we left off in our Code 7 hacking adventure at our usual time!

Now that @dragon1424's internet doesn't suck, in a little over 7 hours we're finally! Making a return to the @GoodwolfStudio world of Code 7!

ICYMI, @dragon1424 finally upgraded his internet and we're giving it a short, grand theft auto powered test!

The Stream will be slightly delayed pending @dragon1424's return. We don't know for how long but just watch this space to know when it's live!

I totally forgot to post on social medias yesterday... Ooops. Anyway, we're going live later today for some space wave racing!

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