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That is in about 30 minutes. 8PM GMT+1, 7PM GMT. Also wow next time it's just gonna be UTC because seriously all this timezone crap... So confusing. Send help

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At 8 PM our beautiful voices will enter your earholes once more. It's going to be tremendous!

And while I'm here, if you prefer your archives as audio... PG13 explore the city of flesh!

About to fix ifttt. If you suddenly see a massive spam of tweets, that's why. Hopefully this won't happen, though.

After a bit of a false start yesterday, join us in about an hour to explore some fleshy dungeons!

Gonna be starting at 8 to sort out internets.

If you visited our site recently and found it lacking, be sure to visit it again. Now featuring a new media player, and all the missing content like highlights restored!

After way too long, the PG13 site is back up! Completely rebuilt! It's still not 100%, but we'll get it there over the next few days!

The Dragon's Cave

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