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Dear friends, I will be taking a break for an unknown amount of time. If I still have the energy, I'll do the song of the day thing because I actually really enjoy that but I probably won't do much else. If you need anything, feel free to DM, though responses will probably be delayed. I wish you all the best ❤️ .

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Introduction because I finally remembered (sorry) 

hi my name is ash and im an asexual being from california. im a fairly shy person but i do like having friends. some of my interests include doctor who, arcane, tolkien, historical fashion, and drawing amongst others im forgetting.
also mentally ill and queer

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Hello, if anyone is interested my sister has a Broadway musical radio show online for her school. It’s focused is on minorities and the underrepresented in the theatre industry. This is her fourth week doing it I think and I’m really proud of her. The link is below:

The scheduled time is every Saturday at 7:00 EST 💕.

Image description:
A photo of the poster for my sister’s show, which is called “No Longer the Great White Way”. The poster is a collage of multiple magazine clippings, mainly consisting of colorful cutouts of vibrant flowers and letters that spell out the program’s name.

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Song of the day challenge yay!!!

Image description: A black and white graphic poster for the challenge. On the left side are listed days: 1-30 with the associated prompt for each. In the top right corner, “30 DAY MUSIC CHALLENGE” is written in bold with “by:” beneath. Under and behind the title as decoration are pretty lineart drawings of roses.


Day 30. A song that makes you happy

Day 29. A song that makes you sad

Day 28: A song that makes you think of happy love

Day 27: A song that makes you think tragic love

Day 26: A song that reminds you of high school

Day 25: A song you would consider your anthem

Day 24: A song that reminds your best friend of you

Day 23: A song that reminds you of your favorite book

Day 22: A song that breaks your heart

Day 21: A song you can't not dance to Day 20. A song from your favorite film

Day 19: A song that would be the anthem of your childhood

Day 18: A song that would play during your death scene if your life were a movie

Day 17: A song you hope to dance to at your wedding

Day 16: A song by your current favorite band Day 15: A song you heard live [at a concert]

Day 14: A song that makes you think of someone important to you

Day 13: A song to describe the most important event in your

Day 12: A song you discovered via a commercial

Day 11: A song you can daydream to

Day 10. A song that makes you feel empowered

Day 9: A song that makes you want to kick some ass

Day 8: A song that's a guilty pleasure

Day 7: A song you hate

Day 6: A song that is a cover

Day 5: A song that makes you turn up the volume on your radio

Day 4: A song that explains your first kiss

Day 3: A song you would like people to listen to and think of you

Day 2: A song that you find incredibly beautiful

Day 1: A song you would like your loved ones to play at your funeral, life thus far

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If you are new to the fedi and not finding it the community driven space you were made to feel it would be where you can know your mods and the people around you: get off mastodon social or mastodon online.

For a lot of you, one of those will have been your landing point here. They each have an *enormous* number of users and moderation teams that struggles to keep up. They also don't have blocklists that are as complete as others.

Smaller instances are a very different experience to that.

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It's funny how often people use the reasoning "But I see people do/say this oppressive thing all the time" as an excuse when called out, cuz omnipresence of a oppressive practice means the problem and the urgency to change course is more severe, not less severe. It's weird how people seem to think that if something's "normal," it's not harmful lol. Wtf kinda reasoning is that

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Tech people naming random software after indigenous groups. Don't.

No, not even if you think it's a clever word play.

Off you fuck!

eye contact, picture of me ahh, crypto (kinda), concert photos 

bonus because i was proud of my outfit that day so here is me at the concert

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“87th floor, room 24,” says the hotel receptionist as I check in.

“87?! How tall is this hotel?” I exclaim.

“Oh, it’s only two floors up,” she smiles, “but we skip unlucky numbers, and there are a LOT of those around the world.”

“Did you know 87 is unlucky for cricketers?” I joke as I reach for the key.

She frowns, pulls back the key. “Your floor is now called—[typing]—the 111th floor.”

I am about to say something about the number 111, think better of it, and accept the key.


Song of the Day✨
Day 15: “A song you heard live [at a concert]”
Song Choice: Taro (2012) by alt-J

So Taro by alt-J is currently tied with another for my favorite song of all time. Besides the hypnotic instrumental aspects of it, the story that it tells is just as intriguing and so descriptive (and heartbreaking ahh) (Gerda Taro and Robert Capa my faves). I think songs that incorporate storytelling are probably my favorite and I think that’s probably why I’m a pretty big fan of concept albums. Anyway, I had the chance to see alt-J on tour a few months ago with a close friend and had a lot of fun. I feel this song is underrated, or it at least has been for a while. This being said, when the song came on, my friend and I acted like we were at a rave and received very strange looks but I loved it.

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Country toad
Take me home
To your place
In a pond
Wet and boggy
Warm and foggy
Take me home
Swamp biome

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Take a break. Find a window and check the weather.

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I like talking to animals because they don't expect me to make eye contact and they don't ask me to speak up or repeat myself

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clouds will separate us
the breath from their nostrils
caught by the nettle tree

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Southern Gothic bit 

He preferred to interpret the turkey buzzard circling the roadkill possum not as an omen, but as an invitation to communion.

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sometimes u just need ur bare feet to go plip plap plip plap on a hard surface u know

shooting, guns, gun violence 

also i guess there was a church shooting near me?? but it was stopped because the pastor hit the gunman with a chair. this is a wonderful image in my mind

school related, sibling stuff 

she’s gonna be leaving in an hour or so to hang out with friends though so maybe i’ll have my chance then

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school related, sibling stuff 

was going to take one of my finals but my sister is literally blasting house music where the computer is and even my headphones don’t really block the sound out :eyeless_blobcat_upside_down:

food mention 

it is very early here and all i want is mcdonald’s fries

therapy, us healthcare 

really want to get a new therapist and i think i’ve found one but they don’t accept my insurance so i’d have to pay out of pocket and im honestly not sure if i can afford that, especially since i wanted to do at least 2 times a month

recently i have been more inspired to make art and im pretty happy about that. like i’m pretty sure it’s because like i’m feeling a lot of things, but i haven’t really had joy in drawing for literal years so i’m quite grateful. i’m just not sure how long this period will last

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Check in with yourself a few times each day and take a moment to process your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them build up.

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