While scrolling through my mastodon one thought that's really started to persist in my mind is that clients should probably expand all CW'd toots in a thread if you reveal any of them, same goes if you click into a conversation. I follow some people that post multiple toots about a topic behind a CW. The experience of reading these with a screen reader right now is a little time consuming, because after you focus such a toot, hear it has the same CW, you press to expand it, and then you get that person's nick name all over again as the screen text changes (with the exception of one client on iOS which immediately reads the text of an expanded toot). Doing this many times in succession, especially when following an active conversation gets old kinda fast. I should probably go file these as suggestions in the clients I'm using. But I'm also curious if fellow blind mastodon users feel similarly or would find such behavior annoying?

@pitermach @pinafore recently added that as another shortcut. Don't know if that's in a release yet or still only on dev. And I am pinging @jzzocc if that would be something he could add to MetaText which is currently in beta, and which also expands CWs nicely with VoiceOver. I would definitely use an Expand All CWs in Thread feature.

@marcozehe @pinafore Not seeing anything obvious like that on the official pinafore instance, but that's really good to hear, that's one less request then lol. Haven't heard of this second client but I'm definitely curious to try it.

@pitermach @marcozehe Yep, this feature is currently on : . Updates usually reach the main Pinafore instance after a few weeks. 🙂

@pinafore @marcozehe Cool, I didn't know there was also a development instance, that's good to know! :)

@pinafore @marcozehe @pitermach there should be a “show more for all” button in the top-right of the screen when viewing threads which expands every content warning and sensitive attachment in the thread

@sengi_app lets you also remove all cw's in a thread. As far as I know.

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