With Microsoft acquiring Nuance, and with it the well-respected Eloquence synthesizer, someone suggested it be open sourced. I personally think that's a wonderful idea, as the only other option you have at the moment is Espeak which is GPL so can't be used in a lot of projects, RHVoice which doesn't support many languages, while any cloud offerings are expensive and impractical for many uses like screen reading. Boosts appreciated!

@pitermach I just wanna make sure you're not duplicating another petition. If not, will be happy to send this one to their Twitter account!

@pitermach Microsoft doesn't own it. The automotive and text to speech stuff was spun off into another company before Microsoft purchased Nuance:

@fastfinge Hmmm. That could be and would totally be a nuance thing to do as well. Though strangely Vocalizer is also still listed on the Nuance page like you can still buy it from them.

@pitermach Interesting. The other reason I tend to believe it happened is because of antitrust. Like, vocalizer text to speech is used in Apple products, lots of Android apps, etc. So They might have been afraid that if it included the TTS, Microsoft's purchase would have been blocked by the EU or other governments for limiting competition. Apple would have real problems without vocalizer, especially in non-English languages.

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