Let’s continue the theme of making things that should speak do weird noises in today’s . You can program the Apple voices to speak phonemes at specific pitches and durations - to make them sing. Or sound like a siren like Fred here. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/27

I almost didn’t upload anything for today’s because something alarming happened to my internet which is still broken… So here’s something else that is both alarming and broken. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/24 I almost didn’t upload anything for today’s because something alarming happened to my internet which is still broken… So here’s something else that is both alarming and broken. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/24

You met my dog and one of my cats in previous posts, now it’s time for you to meet the other kitty, in a much more soothing context! piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/23

You already met one of my cats in a previous , now it’s time to introduce you to our golden retriever, who despite sounding truly terrifying is actually very cuddly. Here’s a binaural recording when he was a bit younger and more energetic. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/22

let's play Cycle Path, a game in which you're on a bike and need to avoid other cars, collect cash and jump ramps, all without seeing the screen! Game by @talon with sound design by yours truly. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/19

In today’s here’s a recording of a local train arriving to and departing a station, with a rather loud door opening signal. Also listen out for the quiet squeaks and hissing as the driver presses and releases the brake. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/16

Today in , here's another cool plugin. This time it's Ice Drive which simulates a car engine and lets you drive it with midi or a gamepad. I loaded a burp as the cylinder sound, which made for a rather convincing scooter! piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/15

I had no idea what to do for today's so I just looked through my projects to see if anything jumped out and... Here's a scary hawk thing I made for a friend's horror project. Very loud! piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/14

For today’s , here’s a soundscape I generated with many instances of the “Turbine” plugin by boom library which simulates jet engines, which had their position and thrust randomized making this beautiful wall of noise. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/13

Today in , we were doing some vacuuming. This reminded me of the time my family did something to a vacuum, I don’t remember what, that made it sound like an air raid siren. Couldn’t have been anything good. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/12

For today’s , my evening yesterday was interrupted by this rather broken sounding lawnmower. THis went on for 2 hours. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/11

less than an hour before the day ends here. It’s Appropriate then that it was around this time when our cuckoo clock woke me up with these loud noises then ground to a halt a minute later. Amazingly it still kinda works after this. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/08

For I had no idea what to do so I stuck a recorder out the window for a while to catch something. It captured an emergency vehicle that really didn’t want to drive away with a doppler and a car that really wanted to be a firework. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/07

For today's , after ringtone bangers on twitter got some people to post their alarms, I might as well post mine. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/05 part of the August 2020 pack of "soundflakes" co-created with @talon, @guilevi, and one more awesome person not yet on the fediverse. currentlyuntitled.design/

For today’s , the weather was so nice I spent more time outside so I just grabbed 5 ish minutes of atmosphere from my garden. A bit of wind, birds, planes, trains and automobiles. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/04

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For 3, I finally managed to grab the amazing Morph plugin by Zynaptiq which essentially lets you merge 2 sounds into one. And so, from 2 overused and cliché sounds you can get something more interesting and terrifying. piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/03

For my second post, I almost posted a more normal recording of a train stopping at my station but then remembered this thing, with the weirdest horn ever! piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/02 p

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I just accidentally stumbled across a rather cool unintentional side effect of the way we made Indent Beeper... Hear for yourself.

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