To help blind Ukrainian refugees, blindsquare just made their event app work in a 1000km area covering Ukraine and neighboring countries. If you get the app while in one, it’ll keep working globally. Certain other companies loudly declaring support could learn a lot here
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On March 31st, a Ukrainian BlindSquare user asked us for help on behalf of fellow persons who are blind & partially sighted in Ukraine. We to…

This is good to hear. As a slight correction both NVDA and Narrator do work on ARM Windows (NVDA through emulation), screen review in NVDA is broken but there's already a fix being tested. But JAWS is the only one which refuses to install at all so it's good they're working on it
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For some time, @FreedomSci has been working on JAWS for ARM processors. In episode 170, Glen Gordon gave us some intel. Heh. See what I …

You can never have enough OTT... OK maybe 1000 instances was a bit much even for the M1 ultra but it still got a good sound out of it :P
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this is the only mac studio benchmark we really need

THis is going to make a lot of iOS users relying on Braille displays very happy. It's bad that something like this happened, but you don't get .1 releases with accessibility fixes often so it's good that APple recognised how serious this was.
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New in 15.3.1:
• Fixes an issue that may cause Braille displays to stop responding
• Other bug fixes

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Had the idea of making a song that uses nothing but Dial-up modem samples!
The lead, bass and kick were all FM'd from the sine waves of the modem samples just in case you didn't believe me ;)

Finally Narrator is getting some well deserved love in this one mainly in the web browsing department.
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Hey Folks! We have a fresh build for in the Dev Channel. Check out Build 22509 and all the details here:

Wait what? Rofl!
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Unison Audio require users to post a five star rating on TrustPilot in order to get a refund.

Let’s continue the theme of making things that should speak do weird noises in today’s . You can program the Apple voices to speak phonemes at specific pitches and durations - to make them sing. Or sound like a siren like Fred here.

I almost didn’t upload anything for today’s because something alarming happened to my internet which is still broken… So here’s something else that is both alarming and broken. I almost didn’t upload anything for today’s because something alarming happened to my internet which is still broken… So here’s something else that is both alarming and broken.

You met my dog and one of my cats in previous posts, now it’s time for you to meet the other kitty, in a much more soothing context!

You already met one of my cats in a previous , now it’s time to introduce you to our golden retriever, who despite sounding truly terrifying is actually very cuddly. Here’s a binaural recording when he was a bit younger and more energetic.

let's play Cycle Path, a game in which you're on a bike and need to avoid other cars, collect cash and jump ramps, all without seeing the screen! Game by @talon with sound design by yours truly.

In today’s here’s a recording of a local train arriving to and departing a station, with a rather loud door opening signal. Also listen out for the quiet squeaks and hissing as the driver presses and releases the brake.

Today in , here's another cool plugin. This time it's Ice Drive which simulates a car engine and lets you drive it with midi or a gamepad. I loaded a burp as the cylinder sound, which made for a rather convincing scooter!

I had no idea what to do for today's so I just looked through my projects to see if anything jumped out and... Here's a scary hawk thing I made for a friend's horror project. Very loud!

For today’s , here’s a soundscape I generated with many instances of the “Turbine” plugin by boom library which simulates jet engines, which had their position and thrust randomized making this beautiful wall of noise.

Today in , we were doing some vacuuming. This reminded me of the time my family did something to a vacuum, I don’t remember what, that made it sound like an air raid siren. Couldn’t have been anything good.

For today’s , my evening yesterday was interrupted by this rather broken sounding lawnmower. THis went on for 2 hours.

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