There's playing music on a tesla coil and then there's emulating a C64 sid chip on one, noise channel and all.

Ok, let's settle this once and for all. Today's a good a day as any 😄

UTM on M1 Mac experiences, long post 

Oh and I think I solved the internet thing as well. last post for real this time I hope.

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UTM on M1 Mac experiences, long post 

So on one hand, UTM is a much more accessible and simpler app to use. It will also let you make VM's of X86 operating systems, though they'll run much slower and be limited to 1 core due to the way ARM processors work. On the other, actually getting it set up isn't as easy once the VM is up, you have to install more things manually and even when you do, some features are just not there like USB device sharing. But considering it's a free option (at least if you get it from GitHub releases instead of the Mac App Store), it's surprisingly nice and will probably be enough for a lot of people.

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UTM on M1 Mac experiences, long post 

This can be tweaked even further by lowering the buffer settings. After Windows was set up and I installed the spise support tools and got the network going, the next major issue I ran into is that the file sharing only supports files up to 50MB by default. You can make it work with files up to 4GB by editing the windows registry (

And with all that, I got a mostly usable system going. The 2 biggest issues I still haven't figured out yet is that due to the way Qemu does networking, ping doesn't work which causes Windows to think there's no internet and open random edge tabs, and clipboard sharing not working (though it just started to when writing this so go figure)

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UTM on M1 Mac experiences, long post 

I first followed the instructions on the site for setting up Windows 10, including the VHDX image to qcow2 for better compatibility. While you don't get the automatic setup like you do with Parallels, sound works from the get go so running through the setup with Narrator is no problem. This is when I also realized that UTM is the only app I saw on Mac which passes the caps key through to the VM making it possible to use it as a screen reader modifier, though the key seems to be sticky instead of working how it normally should. Some key combinations involving the command key (seen as the Windows key) cause the letters to be repeated sometimes.

Next thing I noticed was that the sound was more laggy than in Parallels, except here you can actually not only improve it, but make it much lower latency, by turning the built-in sound to none and adding to the command line:
-device usb-audio,audiodev=usb
-audiodev coreaudio,id=usb

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UTM on M1 Mac experiences, long post 

Now that parallels is out of preview on M1, and VMWare announced that while fusion should get support in a few months it most likely won't support Windows, I decided to take another serious look at UTM because I'm not the biggest fan of parallel's UI and accessibility. Turns out, with enough configuration, UTM can be a pretty nice option, better than Parallels in some ways, worse in others. More details in next posts.

Carefully compose a beautiful toot that Hemingway would be proud of:


Throw something together on a phone keyboard with spelling and grammar errors:

"843 people have favourited your status."

Every time.

thinking about the subset of users now forever trapped in an endless webinar

Me: gets up to grab more snacks
Smartwatch: Good, you're staying active!

@fastfinge Hmmm. That could be and would totally be a nuance thing to do as well. Though strangely Vocalizer is also still listed on the Nuance page like you can still buy it from them.

With Microsoft acquiring Nuance, and with it the well-respected Eloquence synthesizer, someone suggested it be open sourced. I personally think that's a wonderful idea, as the only other option you have at the moment is Espeak which is GPL so can't be used in a lot of projects, RHVoice which doesn't support many languages, while any cloud offerings are expensive and impractical for many uses like screen reading. Boosts appreciated!

There are two kinds of people:

Those who put off software updates because they are doing work


Those who immediately try to install it because hey if it breaks the computer I don’t gotta do shit the rest of the day 😎

And I thought this only happened in games…
Why Don’t Some TV Shows Sound the Way They Used To? - The New York Times

Looks like after the latest iOS update, VoiceOver now breaks apart mixed case strings. So, if you’re wondering why Alex suddenly accents the “you” in “YouTube” more than it used to, that’s why. This also seems to happen before dictionary parsing so my correction for the Polish voices no longer works.

Here we go! Voting for the entries in No Video Jam II has opened. Looking for a new game to play that can be enjoyed without having to see the screen? Have a go at all of these!

@masonasons Love 3D. I really enjoyed my time working with it, the API's are very simple to use, all I needed to implement myself was the TTS which is on my git. It uses openAL for sound, so you get HRTF and a handful of effects like reverb. Though this also means, and this is the only somewhat annoying limitation for audio games, that OpenAl doesn't really have a way to do basic stereo panning, you can only pan sounds by setting their positions in 3D. Other than that it's been great.

@fastfinge @masonasons Fwiw I was developping mine with the official Xbox one controller, which works fine with both Windows and Mac (though the Mac only has Bluetooth drivers for it). @talon uses a Logitec F710.

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