This was one of the most classic internal Google comics, "declassified" in 2021 (10 years later) after the cartoonist left Google.

Welp, GOogle Stadia sure lived up to people's expectations didn't it 😂

Since we're having a bit of a boom on Hammerspoon-based utilities for blind Mac users I just updated Hammerboard, a small soundboard utility to use the spoon system. If you haven't heard about it but want a very fast soundboard it's worth a look!

Looks like the latest YouTube update on iOS finally fixed the broken home tab.

1) load half life scientist wavs into wavetable sampler
2) plug shit into other shit
3) cosmic scientist horror

Facebook image description: May be an image of cat and indoor. iPhone image description: a gray cat lying on a multi-colored blanket. Facebook's image description is generated by the cloud. iPhone's is generated on the device. It's not about how much data you have, but how much *good* data you have.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans who achieved so much with it.

This made the gods extremely angry because they were in the middle of trying to rent fire to humans with restrictive DRM.

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Please boost for reach: If anyone has experience with this kind of software, I'd really like these issues fixed. We use Mesh Central for remote access to software, and it's much more affordable than the accessible remote software that's $1000 per month. But, I can't use it for what I need it for the most. Issue link:

In case anyone cares, I have now recorded a little demo of this old thing.


I seem to have acquired a retro talking clock that I hadn't heard of until now, the Sony VX-1W portable talking clock/AM/Fm radio. It's... very, very odd. Seems to have been made between 1982 and 1986.


I built a script that downloads `gemini://` sites and plays them as audio. It removes unreadable parts like URLs and preformatted text. It adds sound effects to things like headings, list items, etc..

I built it because I have trouble reading long texts (possibly #dyslexia but never bothered to check). I hope other people find this useful. Just a starting point/toy at this point.

If you're screening your follow requests, it's probably not a good idea to reject or block someone just because their profile picture is empty.

There are many blind people on the Fediverse who don't use profile pictures. For example, the writer Robert Kingett at @blindscribe doesn't use one.

The most reliable way to screen accounts on here is just to read what they have posted, as this better reflects what kind of account they are.

#Fediverse #FollowRequest #FollowRequests

It's really unfortunate that a ton of the new GUI libraries out there for newer programming languages like Rust or Zig have left accessibility as a long-term goal instead of something core to the project.

To anyone watching The Orville, did you also notice the audio description just stop mid way through Season 3? The first 4 eps had it, 5 didn't, 6 did and then every episode after doesn't. Wondering if it's a global or just a Polish Disney Plus problem.

Major OBS update is now in beta!

highlights for me are native Apple silicon support with ScreenCaptureKit as well and application specific audio capture on windows (no need to use a plugin anymore!)

when you download an image from the web these days, instead of a PNG or a JPEG, you get one of these new formats which is 8% more efficient, not compatible with any "pre-covid software" and has a name which sounds like

High Information Format Format
j-eggings Layer 6
ProRes ProxyGold (Grain Profile)
Radiance XML
WebX 2000

in order to view these images you have to install Windows 11 and then download a docker container with a Node.js server that you connect to using the latest version of chrome that renders the image to a canvas. you cant view the image locally since that would violate a same-origin policy, but thankfully the rendering is done remotely on a google GPU somewhere in the cloud, using a new standard called 'WebGPUThatsSomewhereInTheCloud' which is already obsolete and has been replaced with 'WebPCI-e'

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