You may have heard of #accessibe, an overlay that claims to make the web more accessible to screen reader users. I won't go into the details of what kind of scam this is, but be assured that you don't want this thing to interfere with your web experience if you're a screen reader user. Some good soul has now put up a page with instructions for various browsers and operating systems on how to block Accessibe from interfering woth your web experience. Go here: #noxp

Something interesting I just found by accident: I just paired my Mac with a braille display, and I was using an iOS app. Right now, iOS and catalyst apps feel noticeably slower with VO, but I noticed that the text in braille was changing immediately in time with the wrap forward sound effect, and speech was taking a moment to start. This got me thinking, what would happen if I turned the sounds off? Well as it turns out that made a rather noticeable improvement in speech responsiveness in iOS and Catalyst apps, more so with some than others, but for the most part speed wise they feel pretty much as fast as a native Mac app with the sounds muted.

@talon we already have 95 members? Wow I didn’t realize it grew this quickly. That’s kind of amazing

If you're interested in audio game development, game accessibility in general or adding accessibility to your game, I've created a Discord server a while ago for people to ask questions and discuss these topics. If you're curious, you can join here:

@marcozehe @mastonaut Hi, I also just stumbled across the app and ran into this conversation while figuring out what the best way to report accessibility feedback is. I'll just +1 what Marco said, though it looks like now arrowing through the table does change the selection though the label for the row that gains focus just says "toot" and you need to interact with each to read them, also there's no indication if a toot has an image or what its description is, though if you open the image viewer you can read it there. Also, there need to be a few more keyboard shortcuts, the 2 major features that should have one is a way to close out of a column and return focus to the timeline where you left off, and some way to switch between your home, notifications and other timelines without having to press the button in the top toolbar. The one for closing columns in particular is important because right now I found no way to do it with VoiceOver. Either way I'll keep an eye out for updates :)

@TheFake_VIP I think it's more that noone's done it. Peertube is running on activitypub just like Mastodon and you have a ton of iOS clients. It's probably a combination of PT not being big enough with the fact I bet the majority of the people using it now are linux+Android fans given the audiences things like that are most popular with.

Accessibility question for users of assistive technologies 

@pvagner @nolan I didn't read the initial toot carefully enough. But now that I understand the conversation properly, yeah, especially if a dialog box has a lot of controls it'd be best if the focus stayed there because returning to it if you leave the webpage could be frustrating. At the same time I can see how very beginner users, who may not know all the hotkeys, might find themselves confused that sometimes they can't reach every section by tabbing. But with the way web apps are getting larger and more complex it's probably better the focus be restricted to relevant sections.

Accessibility question for users of assistive technologies 

@nolan Yes. Absolutely. Nothing frustrates me more than a site that doesn't return the focus to the last place when you close a dialog. That coupled with endless scrolling makes finding your place again a joy.

Accessibility question for users of assistive technologies 

The WAI-ARIA guidelines for modal dialogs say that, when you press Tab to change focus, focus should cycle back to the beginning of the dialog after you reach the end.

However, with upcoming browser APIs like <dialog> and "inert", focus instead returns to the browser chrome itself (the URL bar, etc.). Is this a problem for you? Would you find it surprising?

More details:

#accessibility #a11y

This is one area where PWAs still beat the pants off of native apps: the download size. Pinafore is 0.5MB for the whole app. Really! You go to, and it downloads the whole damn thing in the background.

For comparison:

- Tusky: 7.4M
- Yuito: 17.5M
- Subway Tooter: 18M
- Fedilab: 27M

- Amaroq: 17.8M
- Mast: 19.3M
- Toot! 21.2M
- Tootle: 23.8M
- Mercury: 46.7M

(Found on and the App Store on an iPhone.)

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Sennheiser’s looking to sell their consumer divisions and focus entirely on the pro market… Let’s hope that doesn’t cause the quality to tank.

Is it amusing or sad that it took so many years for me to notice this peculiar, and quite possibly intentional thing about ? I only started figuring it out yesterday, rolling the new braille d20 around in my hands.
So, on this d20, numbers from 1 to 10 are represented with letters from a through j, and numbers from 11 to 20 with k through t.
K is an a but with the dot #3 on top. L is b but with dot #3. M is c but with dot #3. N-d, o-e, p-f, q-g, r-h, s-i, t-j.
The pattern is constant. The second 10 letters in the English braille alphabet are the same as the first 10, but with the dot #3 added on top. All of them!

Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

by crashing the wm, I mean, taskbar disappears, desktop goes black, ctrl-alt-del becomes inop, and minimizing means placing a mini titlebar in the bottom left corner (oh so Windows 3.1)

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Normal people: Ugh Windows is so broken even the Task Manager hangs

Me: How about crashing the window manager by trying to join a Zoom meeting?

Pinafore v1.22.0 


- You can now drag-and-drop multiple files to upload multiple at once
- Fix Safari on iOS 13 and below
- Fix emoji picker in Mastodon "secure mode"
- Accessibility fixes

🇬🇧 With #chatcontrol, the EU wants #masssurveillance of all your private online communications in real-time. What is it about, what will happen next and what can you do?


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re: long reply, effortless monetisation rant, amazon reference 

@FiXato @Mayana OK I'm definitely not going to forget how to say it after getting this stupid jingle stuck in my head lol!

long reply, effortless monetisation rant, amazon reference 

@Mayana @FiXato Yeah, this whole thread. I recently got approached by someone who would soon need to be selling Realme phones, and she was not sure how to read that name. And google was about as helpful for me then, popping up videos of I think the IBM text to speech reading it as well as a guide for indians how to pronounce the most common brands and Realme wasn't one of them. I still don't actually know how to say it, I'm guessing you need to read it as "real me" but for all I know it could be very different

That's the third time this week I read an article talking about how Apple invented the smartphone and mobile applications. Who's spreading this nonsense?

Yes, Apple made smartphones popular (I guess?). But let's not rewrite history here: we had smartphones and apps several years before the first iPhone got released.

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