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Another tiny thing Mac VO does way better than Windows anything: Higher priority Aria live regions, alert roles and I think also assertive, in addition to interrupting speech are also accompanied by a little chime. This gets your attention far better than, say, NVDA saying "Alert" before the text. That and it's 2 fewer syllables.

For today’s , the weather was so nice I spent more time outside so I just grabbed 5 ish minutes of atmosphere from my garden. A bit of wind, birds, planes, trains and automobiles.

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For 3, I finally managed to grab the amazing Morph plugin by Zynaptiq which essentially lets you merge 2 sounds into one. And so, from 2 overused and cliché sounds you can get something more interesting and terrifying.

For my second post, I almost posted a more normal recording of a train stopping at my station but then remembered this thing, with the weirdest horn ever! p

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And yeah, that’s in an Audiomo folder but something tells me I’d totally fail at posting something every day. Never mind that I found out about it a day late so oops.

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I finally got my hands on a pickup coil. Turns out the iPhone’s haptic engine makes some really cool noises especially at low intensity. Might make for some good EDM synth as well.

Today is National kid's day here, so the radio DJ's asked a bunch of kids random questions like "Can money buy happiness?" One of the kids answered "No, because you can't easily give money to your dad in heaven."

THat's kind of sad, deep, and true at the same time. Didn't expect to be waking up to something like that... But the kid's got a point.

I just accidentally stumbled across a rather cool unintentional side effect of the way we made Indent Beeper... Hear for yourself.

Dropbox just reminded me of its existence by something, its auto updater? Reenabling it in startup, causing the PC to slow to a crawl while thousands of files index, thousands more from reorganized shares get deleted, and a couple of viruses get blocked by Defender (vVirus anyone?) Maybe this is a good reminder I should finally get rid of the stupid thing all together. I can't delete my account completely because some things still rely on it, but I have apps that let me browse it on demand without eating into the dumb 3 computer limit, and I have a self hosted cloud for the rest.

It's kind of sad really, but the dropbox of 2021 is much worse than the one from 2010 or so when I started. It's getting bloated, less accessible, is known to scan your stuff, and keeps nagging you to buy more premium features even if you subscribe to a plan. I have no intention to support a company like that.
Also, I don't think anything happened but if I trashed any shared folders as a result, I apologize.

Here’s what I’ve been working on over the last weekend with @talon's help. Have you wanted to code on a Mac, but hated it because VoiceOver doesn’t have a way to announce indentation levels? We made a thing to fix this, creatively called IndentBeeper!

So, was down to the 2 rock songs at least in the public votes this year. I personally preferred Finland, I kinda find Italy’s song a bit generic, but I’ll take it over Switzerland.

To anyone with an Apple Watch and Spotify, have you been able to find the download feature that was just added? if I'm reading the pressrelease right there's supposed to be a more options button while viewing a playlist, but either it's inaccessible to VO, it's a staged rollout or I'm looking in the wrong place.

Reading audiobooks is still reading.

If you say you read an audiobook you don't have to "correct" yourself. I'd argue that you /shouldn't/, that you'd get less correct.

There's no need to say "well no I didn't read it" if it was an audiobook. There's no need to put "reading" in scare quotes.

It's reading just as much as reading print is.

I know there are worse problems, but it sucks having my favored reading format denigrated by sighted people, even to the point of them denying it's "real."

And that's just the blind/low vision stuff. THere's gonna be assistive touch for watches, support for 3rd party eye trackers on iPads, and a bunch more stuff I'm forgetting. It's really cool they're giving things like this the spotlight this way

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And speaking of , in a first Apple just put out the upcoming accessibility changes way ahead of WWDC.
The on-device image description feature is about to get even more useful, because you'll be able to on-demand request more details about an image, including detailed facial feature descriptions and position info for objects on a picture. It'll also detect if there's something displayed in a tabular format and let you review it like a table.

Since is around the corner and you guys were so awesome at spreading the love re: image descriptions, here's something else I started seeing more often that's a bit problematic for blind social media folks. Please don't use fancy fonts in your display names. On Apple platforms they'll get read out very painfully, and almost everywhere else you'll just get silence! Have a look at and listen to this video to see what I mean.

#Fedivision announcement!

The Fedivision Song Contest (#FSC) will accept entries until Friday, 28th midnight CEST, so we have enough time to find collaborators if needed (#FedivisionCollab), come up with beautiful songs for the fictional country or faction you would like to represent.
Also, we won't run into scheduling troubles with this other music contest named #ESC.
Spread the word, have fun! I'm looking forward to the weekend of the 29th/30th when voting will take place!


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@juniejuniejune Seconded! People who argue that the joke is somehow ruined once described sadden me. There are so many great captions I've gotten to laugh at because the people who wrote them decided that time spent helping other was not time wasted, and that posting a few described jokes is better than posting piles of undescribed ones.
Thank you, all of you who do this! :ms_blue_heart:

Amazon is supposedly in talks to buy MGM. Since the expanse is wrapping up after season 6, could this mean Stargate finally gets the love it deserves again? Or am I hoping for too much?

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