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example of anti-user (even though it's a very narrow scope of users) behaviour from discord:

they're enforcing their underdeveloped slash command system, and later plan closing content of all messages from bots; all that being discussed behind the curtains and not with the real devs. before that they introduced real ID verification (!!) for bot devs for no good reason

and this already caused developer of to resign (which a big loss for python community) :\

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it's sad that discord has set monopoly of community chatting solutions

because now they're free to do all the anti-user shit possible

nothing in this field really comes close, unless you want to make huge compromises

Just found out about a new OBS plugin that lets you capture audio from only a specific application rather than the system as a hole. Could be very useful even if you don't plan to record video or stream.

So Apple's taking advantage of the bigger Watch screens to put a proper keyboard on it. This is great, but also I really feel for Flicktype even more now.

FreeTube, a privacy focused Youtube client is getting accessibility updates 

Bored of Youtube constantly tracking you? Annoyed of the cookies banners and slow website? And the Google's more and more invasive methods of verifying age for watching videos?
FreeTube is an open-source, privacy respecting Youtube client for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Hassle-free interface, no adds, local history, subscriptions and last video position saving are just some features it provides to help you enjoy Youtube privately, without sending your data to Google.
Connecting over VPN or Tor is also supported, so you can watch completely anonymously!

Until recently, FreeTube was a great app, but with somewhat difficult accessibility making it hard to control.
Fortunately, after opening an accessibility improvements issue on the project's GitHub, one developer jumped in and did a really great job on this, making the app far better usable than it used to be.


Digital Music Creation, Software, Rant 

Oh and don't even get me started with their whole DRM crap. Create an account here. Create an account there. Download this downloader. Download that downloader. Install this license manager. Install that license manager. Use this license download manager downloader manager utility application downloader manager. This is such a mess. This whole thing. It's all so awful. iLok. Pulse. Native Access. All horrible. This is so incredibly broken it's not even funny anymore. It makes me want to cry and laugh and cry and laugh at the absurdity of it all. It's just truly impressive that people think this is OK. Oh it isn't. It's far from OK. I just do not have the words to express how not OK this is.

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Digital Music Creation, Software, Rant 

Native Instruments makes some of the absolute worst software on the planet. Komplete Kontrol is such unbelievable garbage it's incredible. Do they ever actually use this? Does anybody even test this stuff and will it ever get fixed? Things not showing up, things showing up but not loading, every single time I add something to Kontakt or Komplete something goes wrong. Every! Single! Time! It's always a struggle. Native Access is no better. Seriously I just dont' understand how it's even possible to create software that works as badly as this whole suite. It's almost like they design it like this. It's almost like they intentionally ruin this whole thing. Figure out how to make it as frustrating as possible. There wasn't a single time I set out to do something and it just worked. Sure, the plugins themselves are OK. They work. But anything to do with managing them? Installing, configuring, setting it up... I just cannot understand.

Since I was in the right frame of mind to do it, I finished removing and dumping the ROMs from another piece of avionics I had laying around - an AlliedSignal Mk VII Warning Computer 965-0876-040.

These were used with a NEC uPD7759 speech chip in master mode, so it took some work to get usable audio out of them... ended up writing a custom ADPCM decoder based on the MAME sources.

Raw dumps and decoded audio are also attached. There is 3mbit worth of data but the speech chip can only address 1mbit at a time, so the host CPU is bank switching what the chip can see. As a result the audio is split into three different banks.

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If you see an inaccessible plug-in and want to check if it uses Juce, press NVDA+f1 when the plug-in is focused and look if the window class says juce. Jaws probably also has a way to get this. On a Mac, you can run strings on the plug-in binary and Pipe its output to grep and look for juce that way.

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What this means for you is that if you find a plugin that's not accessible, but uses juce which is extremely likely, you can now reach out to the developers and ask if they'd be willing to upgrade the version they're using. Now that it's not a development feature it's more likely they'll do it.

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I just became aware of the fact that version 6.1 of Juce, which is a UI library often used to develop audio plugins, is now officially released as stable. THis version is particularly important because it includes screen reader support.

It’s not often I have to admit the next version of JAWS will do something interesting, but the idea of panning the voice to one side and other audio to the other with one key is kinda cool. Plus there are some useful braille changes for multilingual users.

There goes the one thing that made Windows 11 look kinda interesting.
RT @xdadevelopers
Android app support in Windows 11 delayed, likely until next year

I saw this months ago as a huge Twitter thread but it just came up again in video form in my YT. THis pour man's adventure with getting a Del desktop, trusting the brand thinking it would just work

Ubuntu users, please take note, and boost if possible, this bug report about installer issues with Orca. The OS installer is the first thing many users will experience of an OS, and since, for better or worse, Ubuntu is the "flagship" end-user-facing Linux distro, accessibility should be kinda important. I know, volunteers and accessibility don't pay the bills and all that. Whatever. I'm done discussing that, I'm tired of excuses. Below is a link to the bug report:

it’s not just English language sites that use accessibility overlays, because I just saw AccessiBe in the wild on a Polish site. What’s even funnier is that the site is blindness related and the overlay doesn’t do Polish so you get random English controls everywhere.

Sure, it has a blind protagonist, but it's a woman for a change, and she's pretty likable and well voice-acted. Sure, it's your usual "press up, left or right to slash" game, but it's one done right. And the story can't compare to any AAA games, but sometimes simpler indie things are more than good enough.
If this were a video game the price would be a little steep, but for an audio game this is fair enough. There's only so many people that buy those, after all; my toot will no doubt be shared around the Fedi a little, but when I've tried to introduce non-blind players to audio games in the past, almost nobody tried them (and those were free!) So I'll definitely be buying this one myself, because the developers did their best and deserve the support.

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The Vale: Shadow of the crown, a pretty fun that, according to the developers, should be enjoyable to and sighted gamers alike, is finally out! There is unfortunately no demo at the moment, and the trailer really sucks in comparison to the game itself:
If you are willing to risk it and buy something just because I promise it's good, you can find it on Itch:
Or Steam:

So, onepassword took the electron rout. That's a bit disappointing. One advantage I felt it had over bitwarden was that they had native mac&windows apps. With that gone and no way to self host it I probably won’t ever bother with it.
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Not important enough: 1Password abandons its native Mac app

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