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Background for the sighted followers, Eloquence is a speech synthesizer released 20 years ago that was used in basically every Windows screen reader and continues to be used to this day, so a lot of people have grown very attached to its responsiveness and sound. THe company who owns the rights to it has been mostly sitting on them, and some rumors floated around that the source code has been lost. So seeing this become core part of Apple operating systems is pretty incredible.

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iOS 16 and Mac OS 13 has to be the update where half the blind community who used Eloquence collectively loses its shit and the other half goes oh god why is this thing still not dead. I'm in the former group. I can't get over this. Holy shit!

Here is a fun example of some software gore that I just experienced : immediately after opening the Audible app, voiceover announce the mini player control as “there is zero minutes left at plus infinity speed”

Focusrite just released a new range of interfaces aimed at Podcasting that include things like both regular XLR and 3.5 MM outputs, bluetooth support, 2 loopbacks and a soundboard. interestingly the specs page says the companion app is SR accessible.

Just found out the Roland Garros organizers have an official commentary stream. Link in quoted tweet
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@ryszkamarcin Oto angielski komentarz zapewniany przez organizatoró

I have noticed a large portion of those on #Mastodon happen to be #Linux users and #FOSS advocates in general. Lets see just how many are.

What's your OS?

What did the dragon say when the knight passed their cave by without a fight? 

It goes without slaying

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I don't know what I did to YouTUbe which made it recommend me random stuff like this but... This guy can play a very good race car on the trombone. *very loud volume at the 00:41 mark*

OK because the crossposter did something funky with that link, let's do this manually. There's a fanmade Zelda Ocarina Of Time recompilation project, and for the upcoming versions the devs with help from some testers have started incorporating accessibility features like text to speech and extra audio queues to help with navigation. Needless to say the original game never had anything like this.

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Never in my life I thought this would be a game I might get to play. It's pretty amazing how much game modding has opened up for accessibility. It sounds like the audio queues fit into the game sound design really well as well
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Cool thing alert! Cool thing alert! The blind may soon be able to play Ocarina of Time! How? Here's how.

modern web browsers are kinda like US politics because you have
- the evil one
- the "at least its not the evil one" one

An AI-generated blog auto-spawns dozens of posts per day, and many are victims of what I'll call the Baltimore Orioles Effect, in which AI mixes two very different things with similar names.

#Metatext 1.5.1:

- Fixed emoji placement on iOS 15
- Fixed notification ordering issue

Now available:

⚠️ WARNING: Since the last release of Metatext, a shady company has begun releasing spyware/scams disguised as social networking software under the name “Meta”. Please ensure you only download authentic Metabolist software and not poor quality imitations ⚠️

This looks really terrifying at a first glance, but ultimately it’s better for security. Other stores like fDroid aren't affected and and there'll be an option to allow this that requires biometric/face authentication to allow accessibility access.
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If I'm undermstanding this correctly, could this break Commentary? Android 13 will block sideloaded apps from using accessibility features…

Pinafore v2.2.0 


- Subscriptions (i.e. "notify me when this account posts") (Thanks @oreolek!)
- Option to center the nav bar on large screens (Thanks Rylan Cates!)


- Misskey poll support (Thanks @k for reporting!)

To get the update, simply refresh your browser. Enjoy!

Apologies to the blind and partially sighted community for not adding image descriptions on my work above which I posted for my #introduction. Being new to the space, I was unaware of how to do that previously, but I know now that some helpful community members have pointed it out to me.

I'm posting again here in case you wanted to read the descriptions on the work posted in my intro. Enjoy!

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Many of these games are very playable (last 2 volumes even include talking room codes), so if you have some friends to play with, either locally or online they're worth it. The classic YDKJ titles are also very fun.
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This doesn't seem to have landed on social media yet, but I just accidentally discovered the Mac version of VoiceDream reader is out of beta in a $4.99 monthly subscription. I've been testing it for a while and if you read a lot and use the iOS version it's totally worth it.

If you really like a third party Fediverse app, give them money. I'm noticing more and more developers burned out and just directing people to use the official mobile apps. In the case of Mastodon, for example, the official app removed a ton of functionality that makes the Fediverse more manageable and usable. #MastoDev #Fediverse #Mastodon #Apple #Android

Please, if you are an open source maintainer, do not do this!

Not only is potential important informationed locked away and fragmented in this case, but you are also forcing people to register to another platform.
Also worst case, you are also having this part of information on some platform which is not made for documenting such stuff like Discord in this case.

#open #source #maintaining #discord #documentation #issues #project #management

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