Our move-in date is just a little over a week away ;_;

Today's gonna be round 1 of taking things to the storage room :drgn_determined:

Long-ish post; aimless rambling about Twitter; a touch negative 

I'm surprised to see so many people sticking to their guns about leaving Twitter this time. I've seen countless "this was the last straw, I'm leaving"-type posts about so many platforms that are never followed through, so I just assumed that was going to happen again.

On one hand, I'm glad people are migrating over to a largely healthier environment. I want people to move away from whatever Twitter was, and find friendship and community here.

On the other hand, I worry a lot about "Twitter behaviors" coming with the influx of users. Screenshot dunking, unprompted "hot takes," broadcasting every time a bad person says something awful (even though everyone already knows they're a bad person who says awful things)... Anyway, I don't have like, any sort of conclusion here - I've just been thinking about it for a few days now. I can only hope being in a healthier environment means those behaviors will fizzle out and foster new ones instead.

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Looky here! Something potentially interesting might be happening!

playing World of Warcraft Classic with the Sku accessibility addon

#owncast #streaming #gaming #audiogames #blind #accessibility

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The original drawing of them has long since been eaten by silverfish, so I doodled them from memory.

Their head had no mouth, so they talked out of their tail.

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Last boost made me think. On my retrocomputing account, even if I'm boosting from accounts that don't add image descriptions, I can make a post after each boost describing the image... I've done it here before, in fact.

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I do like it here on Mastodon, but the huge influx of people from Twitter means there are far fewer image descriptions than from even a couple of weeks ago. I’d love to tell every one of them about this, but quite frankly there are so many I don’t have the patience. I’d dearly love it if apps could block posts unless an image description was added to every photo, but I suppose that’s too much to hope for. I’m feeling really excluded from so many conversations. It’s getting as bad as Twitter.

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Thanks Giving, food, native exploitation 

Happy thanks giving to all who celebrate! I am lucky to be having a well appointed dinner with my family tonight, especially because it hasn't been like that every year.
I hope that even if you don't have access to a nice dinner or family/friends to enjoy it with tonight, you will still have the chance to reflect on what you are thankful for this year, even if it isn't much right now.
I also hope that you will keep in mind that this holiday (while changed much from it's beginnings) did come out of a largely false and overly rosy narrative of native and white relations that outright ignores many uncomfortable truths and paints whites as the good guys, when in fact the Plymouth Colony engaged in burial desecration, theft, and deceit among other acts, because they thought of the natives as nothing more than godless savages to be used as a resource and then discarded as soon as possible, despite being utterly reliant on them for survival. The story of the Mayflower should be seen within the wider backdrop of European atrocities including frequent slavetaking, unmanaged resource exploitation, unchecked disease spread, and a general dehumanizing of the land's inhabitance.
While I still believe that this holiday has important value, I don't think we should ever keep this far from our mind when celebrating, even if it is uncomfortable. After all, our discomfort still pales in comparison to what indigenous peoples have been and continue to be put through today.

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Me at grocery store: “Lol snapdragon apples. There’s a dragon on the sign! Lol they think I am going to buy these because there’s a dragon on it.”

Me @ checkout buying them: “I wanted apples and they were the closest apples, it’s not because of the dragon branding.”

Me eating one: “This apple tastes better because there was a dragon on the sign and that means it’s for dragons”

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In the 1980s the Nepal government gave forests to local communities to manage.

Since then tree cover has doubled, reducing floods and landslides and allowing endangered plant and animal species, including the tiger, to thrive.

Story by the NYT: https://indianexpress.com/article/world/nepal-trees-come-back-deforestation-victory-8261931/

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Hi everyone! The #UK #DisabilityMonth start today (Tuesday, November 22), so, as promised, a little #disability #history on #prehistoric time #thread for @histodons!

Did the prehistoric men and women (i.e. before 3,000 BCE) leave disabled people to die without help or did they leave them to be abandoned?

Spoiler: NO!

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Spanish archeologists found a more than 500,000 years old, individual's remains called "Elvis the pelvis". It study shows a man over 45 years old, who probably suffers greatly from a serious back injury that would have forced him to walk with difficulty with a stick.
This man could probably no longer hunt and had therefore lost his livelihood... He had to be cared for by his congeners for several years in order to survive this long. ~nd

The full story here ⬇️


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Domestic abuse, gofundme 

A woman was stabbed at the community college I went to. Of course by her ex boyfriend

I believe she is stable at this point, but she needed extreme surgery and had a stroke because of her injuries.


Please please help Samaria and her mother

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after being a good boy while I unpacked his food this morning, Larry is now having a morning snooze in his very fragrant Chewy box. He put himself in there, I had nothing to do with this one. Lol Too fun not to share.

Today my brain's telling me, "eh, might as well do some more packing." I really want to wrap up all my treasured tchotchkes that I use as decor - or will use as decor, when I have a place to put them. :drgn_owo:

Someday I'll have a curio cabinet to put them in. It's literally the perfect piece of furniture. You get a place to display all of your technically-pointless-but-still-sentimental items, all without them gathering dust or taking up space!

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So, for the past 18 months, I've been working on a shared setting with a few friends. We can now announce Riders of the Dream volume one: an anthology of stories where Star Trek meets Jules Verne in a surreal world of adventure. Take a look! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BH1BHTW9

There's some irony in me saying "oh, sorry guys, I'm gonna be inactive until I'm done moving," then being super chatty immediately after. :drgn_blep: I'm just happy to be around you guys again, though.

Realistically, my activity will fade in and out until the move is over. I'll probably post more when I have downtime or get really excited about something, then go back to radio silence when things start picking up. :drgn_owo:

I have nice news, not-so-nice news, and neutral news that lessens the blow of the not-so-nice news! None of this post is, like, overtly negative, though. 

Nice news:
I found a new instance that is geared towards retrotech lovers, and made an account there! It's @octoling!

Not-so-nice news:
While I'll still do everything I can to make sure my own posts there are accessible, I'll frequently be boosting from bots that don't add image descriptions. I am really sorry about that :drgn_sad:

Neutral news:
I have no plans to prioritize that account over this one! I'm not moving there or anything. I just got super excited about a retrocomputing instance and needed to hop on the boat right away. :drgn_3c_evil:

My Wii, PS2, and N64 are all wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into a box. :drgn_heart:

I know I'm gonna thrive when this move is all said and done. Waking up and seeing chore after chore, project after project, is stifling! I've had very little control over the situation, but that's finally changing. It's so surreal in the best possible way. I really look forward to getting back to my shenanigans, *without* the weight of the house on my shoulders. :drgn_heart:

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