So far my email signature looks like this. My name is included above the screenshot. It is not pictured because when i attempted to change it for the screenshot it broke the HTML.

Ordered a dehumidifier from "that worldwide garage sale". It should be here early next week. The quote is from the song " Ebay" by Weird Al Yankovic.

2/2 crypto mining 

I wanted to play with Monero mining since it can be done with a CPU. Haha, nice try but nope! My laptop gets a horrible hash rate and would cost way more to run then what i would get back. Okay, lets try my desktop. Again, nope. My desktop is just as old and slow as the laptop. What a bitch.

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Man i have sucky computer hardware. My laptop is a Dell Latitude E6530 with a totally shot battery. As soon as the ac adapter is unplugged, BOOM, hard shutdown. I have to play fix the boot system in BIOS when i want to turn it on. It defaults to legacy but my ubuntu is UEFI. The BIOS doesnt save settings and i am unsure if that is a bad CMOS battery or just that the main battery is totally fuckin useless. Also, wayland makes it lag. Like i zoom in with magnifyer and when i move my mouse the screen jumps to follow the mouse instead of being smooth. X11 has absolutely no problem. 1/2

Hey @ConnyDuck. why does @Tusky read the element between filter button and notifications? Talkback says the element is "Internal view name: com.keylesspalace.tusky:id/recyclerView". And then the next thing says "nothing here". I noticed it only appears when no content exists such as after notifications are cleared or if you enable airplane mode and try to load local or fedi timelines.

Hmmm, thats interesting. Apparently my phone may half support voice over new radio (). I am unable to make calls at all if i put my phone into only mode but i am able to receive calls apparently. I was under the impression that my phone did not support making or receiving calls in 5G mode.

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