reminder to mastodon newbies that lots of people here won't boost art if it's not got a CWs (when appropriate) or alt text

It's a good culture that's helped me learn to be more accessible elsewhere.

Some things to CW for: violence, gore, sexually explicit, nudity, eye-contact, flashing imagery, talking about other social media platforms

Don't be worried about your smartphone and TV spying on you. Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on your for years. #pun #humor

Poll: (be honest!) how often do you check…


Responses and boosts appreciated.

The author of the open source #SimpleMobileTools suite (which includes the very popular Simple Gallery) has just announced - Simple Phone!

Spread the word, if you feel this is something that needs audience.

Alt, controversial, political 

After much thought and deliberation i have come to the decision that i need an alt. I dont often engage in political and social debates because thats not who i am. But once in a while i have an opinion that would be better expressed elsewhere. Therefore i have created i will keep my main account here and that account will post little and mainly be used for reading.

Other social networks 

I try not to bog down in analytics on my videos, but I thought it might be an interesting data point to share:

My video today was the first one I've posted since leaving birdsite, and my views on YouTube are actually UP compared with other videos. Including external sources!

And this doesn't take into account Peertube, either, which reaches an audience I wasn't getting on YouTube.

Shared just in case anyone else was worried about pulling the plug- there's a life after! :)

Hey folks, can we start CWing our political rants/posts etc?

Could someone help me understand peertube a bit better? I follow @veronicaexplains on peertube but when the new video about Fedora 36 was released I didn't see it in my feed. I think I need to follow the channel directly @veronicaexplains_channel to get the videos. But why have the overarching account that can be followed as well? It seems like the only thing it would be good for is if the creator made a secondary channel


Made chicken Alfredo with broccoli today and put 4 containers in the fridge for meals. I had 5 of them, until I ate 1.

Me: I want a WIFI 6E router.
Also me: I have no WIFI 6E devices and likely won't until 2024 so what's the point?
Also, them things ain't cheap. I think the lowest cost one is $150 and its a single mesh point. But most likely a mesh requires an app and I want a router I can configure from a web interface. I shouldn't need an app for absolutely everything.

Some thing that people may not understand. I don't believe that we should rely on Google Services for the future to come, even if we can use them anonymously. They are still proprietary and closed services under control of a billion-dollar company. Instead we should thrive to build alternatives, although I do recognize that for some things, using anonymizing frontends is the best thing we can do right now.

Okay, thanks to @healyn i am planning to go watch the new Top Gun movie when it comes out at the end of May. I hope the cinema has soft pretzels because i totally want one. Also hopefully the audio description equipment works correctly because i have had to deal with that issue before

Wow. Im a little slow on the uptake today. I wanted to look at the number of users registered on my instance but got a 404 error. After looking at the URL once i could see no problem. When i looked for the second time i realized i had used the wrong TLD. Instead of dot space i put dot com. Fail

I am trying light mode for the first time since what, Android 9 or 10? Whenever system wide dark mode was released anyway for sure. There are quite a few of my apps that i have never seen in light mode because ive been using the dark mode so long.

I wonder just how long i could remain on Android 11 without upgrading. Not that i will of course. But @Tusky needs v5.0, @fdroidorg needs v5.1, the official @Mastodon app needs v6.0. I think the app that required the highest version is my banking app that doesnt work because i dont have play services and even that one only required Android 8.0.

Yay. I made a lot of coffee with my percolator and poured it into a pitcher and tossed it in the fridge. Now i can just pour some in my cup, toss in a few ice cubes and then boom. Ice coffee

You know all those missing socks the dryer eats? I found out where they go. I know a person who works at park services for an island state park and finds like 20 socks a day with no mates on the beach

Here it is - the Fediverse DMR TG on TGIF:

I will program my radio during the day and then idle there.

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