one thing that probably stops most people from making a personal site

there's almost no (easily findable) content on how to build a personal cosy page

if you search "how to make a site" probably most of the stuff talked about will be like

"make a professional site for your business", "improve seo", "monetise a blog", "get ad clicks"

which might send the message of 'only professionals/companies have sites, you, single normal person are not supposed to'

at most you get a "how to make a portfolio", which still tends towards 'only professionals have sites'


go make a site about how you love apples, go make a site with a page dedicated to your pet spider, don't bother with a 'contact me' page, don't follow the 'industry standard', do things that get worse seo (but still consider accessibility!), go make a single beige page with everything inside a <pre> tag, go fill your footer with dancing flower gifs

go make something you find neat and personal

@sirlan_ff00ff I agree, SO MUCH! I found my favourite project is my *own* personal site and it is a continuous effort on my part.

@sirlan_ff00ff That's a really great point. I learned to make websites in the era of personal sites, when there were dozens of tutorials about how to do stuff because you wanted to do it.

It never occurred to me that these resources no longer exist.

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