Hi all,

I am searching for an easy to use GUI library that is also accessible for screenreaders, so that the final program stays accessible for everyone.

What are good libraries? It can be for any of the following languages:
- C
- C++ (Preferably not, but I can use it if needed)
- D (probably, I don't really use the language but I guess I am able to use it without having to take too much extra time)
- Actually just any C-like language will be doable
- Python (I don't really feel like doing something in Python again. I want to do something in a C-like language again...)
- Nim
- Odin

Thanks in advance!

@storydragon GTK is an obvious answer and the one I use, but if you're using it via C I wouldn't call it easy-to-use...

I've used WX in the past (C++ native, with bindings), but I'm not sure of the status of that project. It wraps native UI toolkits so should be screenreader accessable.

@bkhl @storydragon I personally use the Vala bindings! but that wasn't amongst the listed languages.

@alcinnz @bkhl
Yeah, I didn't list all languages. But I actually once looked at vala and it is very well usable for me I think. It is listed though kinda, because it is a c-like language :plush_dragon_w_calculator:

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